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The Encounter Cafe - Iowa City

The Encounter CafeA place to gather with friends and/or family and enjoy breakfast or lunch. We provide a place for study or business meetings or just good conversation. Also, serve the best coffee and espresso drinks as well as fruit smoothies.

We love our customers and hope to see you when you visit us during normal business hours.  Plan to enjoy the wonderful, made on-site, pastries in Iowa City!

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376 S Clinton St, Iowa City, IA 52240

(319) 519-2044


From Bistro to Fine Dining

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Chez Grace - 89 St. Street #3, Coralville.  Treat yourself to a fresh and unique experience, where every meal is an event with you in mind.  The offerings of Foie Gras, Fillet Mignon, Duck, Creme Brulee, wines, etc. are all top notch.  Reservations recommended.  Wine/Beer.  PH:  319-338-1738.

Crepes de Luxe Cafe' - 309 E. College St., Iowa City.  Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, their specialities are Bananas and Nutella Hazelnut spread, Seasonal Berries and Cream, Herb Chicken, and Ratatouille - made from scratch, their sweet and savory crepes will satisfy any craving!   PH: 319-887-2233.



Find out where to get the best burger, pizza, pasta or steak, etc.

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Where can you get the best burger, the tastiest pizza, the juiciest steak?  Find out here on the Coralville Courier by viewing the restaurant links!  Find great places to go by food type, meal type, or location!  Here are a few popular choices.....

Asian Cuisine

Bar & Grill


Italian Cuisine





Sub sandwiches, a fantastic alternative to burgers, pizza or tacos

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The submarine sandwich, also known as a hogie, hero or grinder depending on the region of the country you're from.  Around here, they're known as subs.  The variety of meats, cheeses and veggies you can put on some fresh baked bread are almost endless.