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Which Wich - Coralville, Iowa City

Which WichWe believe that a great sandwich has the power to make any day better. Whether you need a break from your everyday lunch routine…are looking for a meal that everyone in your group can get excited about…or are just in need of a little bit of comfort … we’re here to serve you. We craft each sandwich with care, with a smile and a thank you, to send you on your way re-energized and satisfied.

925 25th Ave.
(319) 354-9424

Iowa City
23 Dubuque St.
(319) 337-9424


Coralville Courier readers select Which Wich as the best sub sandwich shop in town

The survey results are in and Coralville Courier readers say Which Wich is the best place to get a sub sandwich in the Iowa City/Coralville area. 

Readers chose Which Wich over more than eight other sub sandwich providers, coming out on top with 32 percent of the vote.  Subway finished second at 25.3 percent and Jimmy Johns finished third with 21.3 percent.  

Survey takers were encouraged to comment, with the most common for Which Wich being along these lines:  Love their unique ordering process!

And congratulations to Michael Clark of Coralville who won a $10 gift certificate to the survey winning sub shop in a random drawing of survey takers!