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HughesNet - Iowa City

SSI HughesNetRural residents have limited options when it comes to Internet, but that doesn’t mean that you should have to pick a last resort Internet solution. Satellite Internet is a lifesaver for people who live in sparsely-populated areas because it is faster than dial up, and more widely available than DSL.

The great thing about satellite Internet is that there are few question marks.

Wondering about availability? HughesNet is available to anyone in Iowa City in the contiguous United States who has a clear view of the southern sky.

Wondering about affordability? HughesNet has different services and packages that fit every Iowa City family’s needs.

Wondering about accessibility? HughesNet doesn’t use your phone line like dial up providers and DSL providers do, so you have an always-on Internet connection.

Dial up providers are a cheap way to get Internet service, but you’ll pay for it in the long run with slow dial up speeds and a spotty connection.





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