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ARTISTS - At DKW we are all about helping emerging artists and existing artists. Of all ages. We want to help, so feel free to approach us. We'll answer your questions the best we can. We do not buy art. We represent artists. If you have your grandmother's old art, we can offer advice but that is all.

Here are some tips BEFORE you approach us.

  • We only represent "local" artists that can be involved in shows and events. We have no hard and fast rules as to a geographical limits, but if you cannot make it to most monthly meetings or events, then maybe we are not for you. You see, we find that artists that are involved are artists that sell.
  • Before you ask us to carry your artwork, stop by and see our gallery for yourself. Then ask yourself, "Do I and my artwork fit?" What is a good fit? We can't say for sure. Maybe if you do Japanese anime, you would see that our usual audience is not the type that would buy that art. But who knows?

However, even if your art is out of the norm, it does not mean that we might not want to promote it through our gallery. But check out our gallery first. We do "Artist of the Month" and semi-annual art shows that both promote non-gallery artists plus our own. We have also done shows for middle school and high school art students.


 - Every Saturday (unless we have an art show going on) we have an art forum from 2 - 5 PM. This is open to ALL artist, all medias, all levels. It is meant as a discussion and motivational time. No membership or structure. Show up to talk about your art. Ask for help. Work on a piece if you want or just chat. Show up to help. Drink some water or some wine. Try your hand at watercolors, ask for help on perspective. Get inspiration from others. It is a great time to share or learn. Newbie or professional. Hope to see you here!

840 7th Ave, Marion, IA 52302

Phone: (941) 380-2988

Email: [email protected]

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