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Jobs – City of North Liberty, Full-Time Fire Lieutenant

North Liberty is a growing, thriving and young community. Proud to be a family-friendly small town in the heart of Iowa.

In the 09/20/2023 edition:

Full-Time Fire Lieutenant

The City of North Liberty is accepting applications for a Full Time – Fire Lieutenant. This position will be assigned to 24-hour shifts. The Lieutenant will provide oversight to part-time and paid per call crew members. Applicants must have a minimum of three years’ experience in the fire service, possess a Firefighter I Certification, be a current EMT or higher, and possess NIMS ICS 100, ICS 200, and IS 700. Candidates must also have a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and pass a background investigation.

It is preferred that candidates possess a minimum of two years of college or trade school education, NIMS ICS 300, Fire Instructor I, Fire Officer I, and have supervisory experience.  Candidates are required to pass a post-offer physical, agility test, and drug screen.  The physical agility exam is required of all applicants unless they hold a CPAT card that was issued within the past 12 months.  The agility exam is considered a pass/fail timed test.  To be successful, an applicant will need to complete this exam within 8 minutes & 30 seconds.

Submit city application, resume, and cover letter, to:  North Liberty Fire Department, 25 W. Cherry Street, P.O. Box 77, North Liberty, IA  52317, by 5 PM, Monday, October 9th, 2023.  EOE.  Applications can be found at the link below. A selection committee will determine viable candidates based on the submitted information. The physical agility test will be scheduled for October 14th. Candidates will be notified of the testing time at a later date. A written aptitude test will be scheduled with candidates, on an individual basis, prior to October 21st.  A panel interview will be required of finalists.  Interviews will likely be scheduled during the last week of October. Once interviews are complete, decisions and subsequent offers will be made in the first week of November.  The expected start date of this position is targeted for Nov. 27, 2023.  EOE.

Starting salary range for this position is $61,539 annually.

NLFD Lieutenant Candidates,

Thank you for your interest in our full-time lieutenant (shift supervisor) position.  As you contemplate applying for this position, I suspect it may be a difficult decision. I want to take this opportunity to provide you with some departmental insight so that you have solid knowledge to aid in your decision.

The department is currently made up of a full-time fire chief, two ¾ time assistant chiefs, 1 paid per call assistant chief, a full-time training captain, 1 paid per call chaplain, 3 full time lieutenants (shift supervisors), 13 part time operations firefighters, and 25 paid per call officers/firefighters.  This opening is for one of the full-time lieutenants.  We are a full-service fire department, trained minimally to the EMT and Firefighter I level. Paid per call members are reimbursed depending on their tenure and certification level.  The department is a first responder agency that tiers with the county ambulance service. This position is currently supervised by the full-time captain.

The officers of the department have specific program management responsibilities; however, they pull together to accomplish tasks that might be outside their purview.  This position will also include various program management assignments. As an example, this position will oversee and coordinate various administrative items related to emergency operations and EMS.

This position will work a 24-hour schedule (24 on/48 off), incorporating a non-paid kelly day. The position will provide supervision to part time and paid per call firefighters assigned to their duty day.  Part time personnel come in at 6:00 pm each day so the duty day of the lieutenant will be flexed to ensure training and station duties are conducted each evening.  As the department grows, we have found ways to use our personnel as wisely as possible.

Most importantly, this position will be an emergency responder that currently holds the rank of Fire Lieutenant. They will answer calls for service when performing their day-to-day tasks.  They will also be expected to respond to any building fires and other high risk, low frequency emergencies outside the bounds of the workday.

Over the past few years, the North Liberty Fire Department has worked hard to adjust its response model to deliver a high-quality service.  Change is an ongoing element of our department, and we continually work to ensure our culture remains healthy.  We look to expand our part time program in the future at the same time promoting an environment that attracts the paid per call group to be in the station.  Inclusiveness within our membership is very important and we continually look for ways to ensure that “us versus them” does not exist.

Thank you for your interest in our organization. If you have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Brian Platz – Fire Chief

[email protected]


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