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Food Review: Ortega Taco Pizza Kit - Bachelor on the Cheap

By Mike Thayer

Ortega Taco Pizza Kit
Taco pizza dinner convenience

Here is a convenient dinner kit that comes in handy after a busy day on the job, you just want to go home and chill, when fast food or dining out just don't sound appealing.

The Ortega Taco Pizza Kit includes two pizza crusts made with corn meal, Ortega's original taco seasoning packet and a sauce packet for topping the finished pizza.  All you have to do in the preparation of these pizzas is cook up the meat, add toppings and cheese, bake for a bit and dinner is served!  This is perfect for dinner in front of the TV after a long day.

Ortega Taco Pizza Kit
Browning up the meat and some jalapenos

I browned up some ground beef along with some jalapeno and onion, threw in the taco seasoning from the kit, topped the pizzas with cheese and taco sauce and placed them in the oven.  All told, I had a delicious dinner in under 20 minutes.

Not only is this product convenient, it tastes good.  I feared the crusts would be cardboard, but they're actually pretty good, providing a nice foundation for the meat and toppings.  I was unfortunately out of lettuce and tomato at the time of preparing this kit, so absent of those classic taco pizza toppings, I loaded up on the meat and cheese.  The crusts handled the overload nicely.  The seasoning and sauce packets Ortega provides are mild, yet deliver nicely with that taco spice flavor.  The size of the crusts are decent too, it's a perfect serving for two, so I had one for dinner and a leftover taco pizza for lunch the next day.

Taco Pizza
Taco seasoned meat and cheese, no lettuce or tomato required

Costing about $3.50, I'm giving the Ortega Taco Pizza Kit 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars.  Wallet friendly, super convenient and tasty, this is a repeat buy.

5 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends...



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