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Floodwall and Floodgate Installation Begin in Czech Village

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – Permanent flood control measures continue to move forward throughout the community. Starting Monday, September 20, construction will begin in the Czech Village District on a rolling floodgate at 16th Avenue SW. This work extends flood control measures already completed in this area, which includes an earthen flood levee that stretches from the Linn County Solid Waste Agency to 16th Avenue SW.  

The 16th Avenue Bridge will be closed to vehicular, pedestrian, and cyclist traffic from fall 2021 until spring 2022. Trail traffic will be detoured onto 12th Avenue SW.  

The 16th Avenue SW floodgate – similar to the one already completed on the SE side of the bridge – will roll across the road in times of flood emergencies, protecting the neighborhood and community from rising flood waters. The project also includes the installation of a decorative gateway arch that will welcome residents and visitors into the Czech Village. A similar arch will also be installed on the east side of the bridge. The floodgate is scheduled for completion summer 2022.  

Future work in this area includes the construction of a permanent full height floodwall at the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library. The floodwall will extend from 16th Avenue SW to 12th Avenue SW, and includes a raised, terraced yard to accommodate outdoor activities at the museum and minimize the appearance of the floodwall. Landscaping enhancements are also planned near the Czech Village Clock Tower. The floodwall is scheduled for completion 2023.  

Other flood control work currently underway in the Czech Village District includes the installation of a new underground stormwater gate, which will close during Cedar River flood emergencies. The new gate will prevent river water from backing up into the City’s storm sewer system and causing street flooding. The gate will also reduce the City’s reliance on plugs and pumps that are annually deployed as temporary protection during high river events. The underground gate is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.  

In addition to the levee, underground gate, floodgate and floodwall, future plans for this area also include a pump station that will be installed adjacent to the NCSML.


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