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New Bus Routes & Schedules for Coralville Transit Begin October 19

Coralville TransitOn October 19, 2020, Coralville Transit will launch new bus routes and schedules, aimed at improving local bus service and coordination between local transit agencies. 

The route changes are based on public feedback, research, and ridership data from the recent Iowa City Area Transit Study.

Detailed maps for Coralville Transit with individual stops and specific time schedules are available at www.coralville.org/transitmaps so that bus riders have an opportunity to become familiar with the new routes before the changes go into effect. A descriptive overview of the new routes is available at www.coralville.org/transitstudy.

What riders will notice
Some bus stops will be moved or removed when the new routes go into effect on October 19. If a bus stop is impacted, a sign will be posted on it two weeks in advance.

Signs will be posted on all Coralville Transit routes in multiple languages two weeks before the new routes and schedules go into effect to remind riders of the changes.

Printed schedules with the new bus routes are currently available on Coralville Transit buses.

Each bus route will have a route number, in addition to the route name. Riders will not need to know both, although some riders may find the addition of a route number helpful.

All bus riders should look at the new routes and schedules at www.coralville.org/transitmaps for any changes that impact them: 

  • The new Iowa River Landing route replaces the 1st Avenue route.
  • The Express Route will be discontinued, but services will be included in the 5th Street and Cambus Research Park Routes.
  • The new 5th Street Route is a combination of the 10th Street, Lantern Park, and Express routes.
  • The 10th Street Route has changes.
  • The Night and Saturday Route has a minor street change.
  • There is a slight time adjustment to the PM North Liberty Route.

Understanding bus routes
If you need help planning what bus to take using the new routes and schedules, please:

How the bus route changes were decided
The new Coralville Transit routes and schedules are based on public feedback, research, and ridership data as part of the Iowa City Area Transit Study, conducted August 2019-June 2020. The changes are aimed at improving local bus service and coordination between local transit agencies. Opportunities for public input throughout the study included on-bus surveys, six public meetings, two online surveys, social media, email, phone, and written comments.

Information about how to give feedback was shared on the City’s website, media releases, social media, videos, signs on the buses in multiple languages, e-newsletters, and e-notifications. 

As the final step in the process, the changes to bus routes and schedules for Coralville Transit were approved by the Coralville City Council following a public hearing on July 28, 2020.


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