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Johnson County Supervisor Rod Sullivan is a lying piece of excrement

By Mike Thayer

Rod Sullivan
Rod Sullivan, pathological liar

Rod Sullivan just can't help himself, he will and regularly does lie about anything, if he thinks it suits him.  I'm not sure he even knows how to tell the truth, the man is without honor.

Here's the latest from his blog, the 06/02/2020 edition of Sullivan's Salvos which is FULL of intentional misinformation, half-truth and outright lies!

Here's the blog post that caught my eye, I've put his words in gray, my responses are in italics:

*Joni Ernst Is Being Disingenuous!

         Senator Joni Ernst keeps saying something along these lines: “I know Iowans are hurting. That’s why I want to give them a payroll tax cut.” This is like a doctor prescribing sugar to a diabetic! The condition is going to get much, much worse! Let me go into some detail.

OK, so Rod is going after Joni Ernst, that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, she is a Republican and Rod hates anything Republican or conservative.  The character, the integrity of a person with an "R" affiliation, their record and having a history of doing the right thing be damned.  If you don't think like Rod, you suck.  In Rod's eyes, simply because Joni Ernst has an "R" next to her name, she can do no right and he WILL NOT admit it when she does.  Rod doesn't have the honor to acknowledge Senator Ernst's many accomplishments, such as securing $117 million in federal funding for Cedar Rapids flood mitigation, improving Veterans' access to quality health care, and opening up markets by pushing through new trade agreements such as the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement and the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement, helping to create a robust U.S. economy.  Oh and Rod has made gender arguments before when it comes to elections and political office, but note that it was the Republican party that sent the first woman from Iowa to Washington, NOT Democrats, Rod HATES that!  And Senator Ernst is a decorated war veteran, but she has a "R" next to her name!  Rod HATES that too!

And no, a payroll tax cut is NOT like a doctor prescribing sugar to a diabetic!  All Rod wants to do in saying that is get some of his readers to spew that same inflammatory nonsense and while claiming he'll go into detail, he really doesn't.  And let me preface my responses by saying that Rod conveniently forgets that the money PEOPLE earn, well that's THEIR money, not the government's.  I'll go into detail in a bit and unlike Rod, I actually will!

         There are basically four different taxes that are “payroll taxes”. This means your employer (or you, if self-employed) must remove this money from the pay that is owed, and submit it to the government. So when you get your pay stub, you see an amount of taxes that were withheld.

The four taxes that are withheld are federal income, Social Security, Medicare, and federal unemployment. What would a cut to any of these mean?

Well, in 2017, the Republicans (including Joni Ernst) passed the largest federal income tax cut in history. Almost everything went to the richest people in the world. Meanwhile, as quality jobs disappear, regular Americans have been pushed into public benefits like Medicaid and SNAP (food stamps). So she had her income tax cut. I’m certain she’d love to give rich donors another income tax cut at our expense, but that’s not what she’s talking about here.

More B.S. from Rod.   Note how Rod mentioned an income tax cut, NOT a payroll tax cut, two very different things.  This is Rod's M.O., muddy the water of argument.   Payroll taxes consist of Social Security and Medicare taxes.  This is an employer-employee tax, meaning both employer and employees contribute to it, each payday.   Income taxes, well that's just you, your income, also known as Federal withholding, State withholding and in some areas, even Local Withholding.  Most folks (not employers) deal with income taxes just once a year, when filing that annual tax return.  And about Rod's bogus claim:  The Trump INCOME tax cut did NOT, in Rod's poisoned words do the following: "Almost everything went to the richest people in the world."  That's complete horse manure from Rod.  The guy is a liar.  What Trump did was push through the largest income tax overhaul (not to be confused with payroll taxes) made in the last 30 years, to include lowering the U.S. Corporate tax rate as well as drop rates for individual filers like you and me.  Trump dropped the effective corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%.  That doesn't mean "everything went to the richest people" as Rod intentionally, wrongfully and misleadingly states, what it means is corporations have to pay less in taxes, taxes on the money the corporations earn, money that can get re-invested in companies instead of going to the government, generating growth and creating jobs and that's exactly what happened.  Rod ignores the reality that the government isn't out there making widgets and EARNING a living.  Job growth is a very good thing.   Until the virus crap hit, the country experienced record low unemployment as a result, the lowest in 50 years.  Jus say'n.   But Rod said quality jobs disappeared.  Another lie.  Median household income surged reaching $65,976 – an all-time high!  Rod, you're a liar!   And in terms of lowering individual income tax rates, here's an example of what Trump did:  A married couple whose total income minus deductions is $250,000, for instance, had a tax rate of up to 33% in 2017.  In 2018, 2019 and beyond, their highest tax rate is just 24%. That led to a fairly significant difference in take-home pay.  Imagine that, people getting to keep MORE of their hard earned money!  Here's another example:  A single person making $39,000 in taxable income in 2017 saw a rate of 25%. In 2018, 2019 and beyond, that rate dropped to 12%.  And here's something Rod Sullivan won't tell you: Charitable giving went up in 2018.   Hmmmm, a 5% increase in disposable personal income and 5.2% growth in the nation's economy results in MORE charitable giving!  Rod HATES that, because these aren't government run programs....  You MUST become dependent on the government and if you don't, then you MUST fund those programs being Rod's mentality. 

And about the payroll tax, which Rod hasn't even addressed yet thus far.......  And I'll tell you why he doesn't break it down like I do here.  Because if he spells it out, it hurts his argument.  And never mind that he thinks you're too stupid to comprehend.  

Each payday, 7.65% of your wages gets subtracted from your paycheck to help fund Social Security and Medicare (6.2% for Social Security; 1.45% for Medicare).   No reasonable person has an objection to paying these taxes, many folks however have issues with how these government run programs are mismanaged, to include yours truly, but that's an argument for another day.  Back to payroll taxes....  After you contribute to Social Security and Medicare, your employer then pays an equivalent amount of tax.   What's not clear in the payroll tax cut proposals made by Senator Ernst or President Trump, is if it's going to be a 100% cut (no tax is taken out of your paycheck at all) or just a partial cut omitting the employee contribution.  If it's a 100% cut, then Social Security and Medicare don't get funded.  If it's a partial cut, then employers are still funding Social Security and Medicare, but employees get to take more of their hard-earned money home and more money in people's pockets means LESS need for government assistance.  Rod HATES THAT!  If I was a betting man, I would bet a partial cut is what's on the negotiating table, but Rod wants to instill panic in you, he uses shear speculation and fear to do so.  Just look at his whole argument, it's one of playing class warfare, "Rich vs. Poor" and it's TOTAL B.S.!  To repeat, before this virus hit, the country was enjoying record low unemployment, record high median income and to squash another Rod Sullivan implied lie, the number of Americans getting "pushed" into food stamps did NOT go up, it went DOWN, from 40 million in 2018 to 38 million in 2019.

She could be talking about foregoing the Social Security tax. And from her perspective, that would make sense. She wants to see Social Security weakened, so that when she comes for it, it is less popular with the public.

Wow, Rod, you really are a piece of excrement.  How do you know what the Senator's motivations are?  You don't.  No politician wants to see the demise of Social Security, nobody is proposing such a thing.  It would be political suicide for ANY politician to try to kill the program, it's NOT going to happen.  That you say "when she comes for it" is complete nonsense, more liberal agenda fear mongering.  Where is your supporting link/evidence that the Senator wants to see the program weakened?  You don't provide it because it doesn't exist. What Senator Ernst has discussed when it comes to Social Security is how to strengthen the program, not weaken it.  On the table of discussion on how to do that are the possibilities of raising the full retirement age, increasing payroll taxes and starting to tax wages earned over $400,000. Currently, only wages up to $132,900 are taxed.

She could be talking about foregoing the Medicare tax. And from her perspective, that would make sense. She wants to see Medicare weakened, so that when she comes for it, it is less popular with the public.

Again Rod, you don't know what Senator Ernst's motives are, you spew nonsense and never mind that you don't provide a shred of evidence that the Senator wants to weaken the program.  Where's the link supporting your claim? 

She could be talking about foregoing the unemployment tax. And from her perspective, that would make sense. She wants to see unemployment weakened, so that when she comes for it, it is less popular with the public.

Another Rod Sullivan fabrication.  See the class warfare thing Sullivan is trying to generate here?  He implies Senator Ernst is inherently evil.  She supposedly wants to get rid of Social Security, wants to get rid of Medicare, wants to get rid of unemployment assistance.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Sullivan is full of crap and he doesn't even KNOW (to mean, understand) the Senator's perspective.  He doesn't even want to TRY and understand, he just wants to poo-poo.

         There is almost NOTHING Americans need right now more than strong systems of Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment. Don’t let Ernst fool you with her talk of a “tax cut”. This would be devastating to needy Americans!

So did you notice? Rod Sullivan did NOT provide ANY details on how a payroll tax cut would be like a doctor prescribing sugar to a diabetic.  Nothing, nada, zip, ziltch, zippo.......

If you actually care about people, these cuts make no sense. I honestly don’t know if she is stupid or devious. I guess it doesn’t matter. In either case, vote for the Democratic candidate for US Senate this year!

More emotional claptrap from Rod Sullivan.  He hasn't provided you any substance, all he's provided you is a crap sandwich!  Does he promote a potential Democrat Senate candidate, ideals?  Nope, all he can do is poo-poo Senator Ernst.....  attempt to tear something down, RATHER than build something up. 

Putting a payroll tax cut on the negotiating table - putting more money in people's pockets - is far more like a dentist fixing a cavity, rather than the sugar nonsense Sullivan spewed.

Johnson County Supervisor Rod Sullivan is a liar and a fabricator, period.

Why would you vote for such a guy?  He doesn't know how to tell you the truth.


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