Garza's double-double helps Iowa to 87-60 win over SIUE
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Iowa should quit pretending it can contend for the college football playoff, let alone the Big Ten West Title as long as Kirk Ferentz is the coach

By Mike Thayer

Iowa HawkeyesIowa should have won at Wisconsin today.  Period.  No excuses, Iowa did NOT execute when it mattered, Wisconsin did and that's a reflection of the coaching staff.  That's why Iowa lost today, NOT because Wisconsin has better talent, but because Iowa got OUT-coached.

Iowa lost to Penn State by:  5

Iowa lost to Michigan by:  7

Iowa lost to Wisconsin by:  2

All these losses were totally PREVENTABLE!

The conservative Iowa coaching staff does NOT know how to teach its players about the killer instinct, about how to control and finish games.  It just doesn't.  Don't believe me?  How many times as an Iowa fan has your sports heart been broken?  Think about it.  Kirk Ferentz is a swell guy, but he is by no means an Urban Meyer, a Nick Saban or a Dabo Swinney.  Kirk Ferentz does NOT know how to teach his players about how to take over, control and finish games.  He just doesn't.

Until there is some real change in the coaching staff - and I'm talking regime change - Kirk Ferentz will continue to disappoint Iowa fans.  And don't be foolish in thinking Brian Ferentz, the heir apparent, will usher in a new era of winning or be anything different than his father.  He has the same mentality.....  That is, to perform respectably, but not at a championship level.  A Ferentz is not capable of instilling a killer instinct, of teaching the value of taking control and finishing games to his players.....


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