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Shaver Park Closed on July 1

Automated Traffic Enforcement Citations with Fines will be Issued Beginning July 1

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – The City of Cedar Rapids reactivated the Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) system on June 1, 2019 and has been issuing warnings of speed and red light violations throughout the month of June.  Through noon today, the Police Department has issued 13,596 warnings, which includes 90 red light violation warnings. 

Citations with fines will be enforced beginning 12:00 a.m. on July 1, 2019.

All speeding and red light violations indicated through the ATE system are reviewed and approved by a Cedar Rapids police officer before a citation is issued.

The use of Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) has resulted in a reduction in both crashes and crashes with injuries in Cedar Rapids.  The ATE system advances public interests of traffic safety and safety of emergency responders. Areas of U.S. Interstate 380 where the ATE system is in place have seen a 62 percent reduction in crashes that involve injuries.   In addition, there has been a 37 percent reduction in overall crashes on the interstate since the installation of the ATE system. 

The revenue from Automated Traffic Enforcement enhances public safety in our community.  The City is hiring 10 additional police officers and a program coordinator to process Municipal Infractions.

Automated traffic enforcement involves the enforcement of red-light running violations and speed limit violations. The City of Cedar Rapids uses ATE systems to enforce red-light running and speed violations at three signalized intersections on the primary highway system, including 1st Avenue and 10th Street East, 1st Avenue and L Street SW, and Williams Boulevard and 16th Avenue SW. In addition, the City uses ATE systems to enforce speed violations at four locations along U.S. Interstate 380, including northbound at Diagonal Drive SW, northbound at J Avenue NE, southbound at J Avenue NE, and southbound at 1st Avenue SW. There are two additional locations where the ATE system is in place, including the intersection of 42nd Street and Edgewood Road NE and the intersection of Center Point Road and the Collins Road ramp (north side of Highway 100).  

For more information about the ATE program, please visit www.cityofcr.com/ate.


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As a traveler thru your city, NOT from Iowa, I have been one of the obviously MANY victims of your productive little speed traps on I-380. Considering that your speed cameras are raking in over $10 MILLION per year in revenues, I feel sure that you won't miss any of the revenue that I WILL NOT EVER be giving to your city again. Although you may be on the most direct route for me to drive from my home in Louisiana to my children who live in Minnesota, rest assured that I will drive whatever distance is necessary to avoid ever driving thru, buying fuel or food or ANY OTHER product from the state of Iowa and the city of Cedar Rapids in particular.

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