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Rod Sullivan, Johnson County Supervisor, continues to lie to his constituents

From "Sullivan Salvos", Johnson County Supervisor Rod Sullivan's Blog:

Seattle's minimum wage, which was loudly declared a job destroyer -- but wasn't. The reality is now clear: there has been no visible hit to employment in the restaurant sector, where you'd expect to see one if anywhere.

Furthermore, this is no surprise: at this point there's a large body of research on the effects of minimum wage hikes, which shows little if any employment effect in the U.S. context. This literature is very solid, because state actions provide natural experiments.

If you go to Rod's Blog and read the entire post, notice that there is NO link to back what he says!  Yes, he pretends to provide a link to a twitter page that supposedly had an article supporting what he said, but the article is NOWHERE to be found!  This is Sullivan's M.O., smoke and mirrors, PRETEND to give you substance, but really, provide you NOTHING.  There is NOTHING to substantiate let alone support Sullivan's claim in his blog post.  NOTHING.  No link, no quote, no bonafide reference, no snippet of a report, NOTHING!  This guy feeds you complete B.S.  He does NOTHING to back his crap, I repeat, CRAP talk!


Because the guy is a frick'n pathological liar!

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Yes Rod, THE above is how you support an argument!  You frick'n LIAR!

Jon Lovitz protrays you well.....  You LIAR!



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It's TRUE, Rod Sullivan is a pathological liar, a Tommy Flanagan! LOL!

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