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Food Review: Finlandia Muenster Cheese - Bachelor on the Cheap

Food Review: Arla Brand Havarti Cheese - Bachelor on the Cheap

By Mike Thayer

I love cheese and this is without question one of my favorites!

20181208_181902Havarti cheese is a semi-soft Danish cheese made from cow's milk. It can be sliced, grilled, or melted.  If I had to describe it, it's kind of a cross between a Monterey Jack cheese and the sharper Swiss.  Havarti has that buttery aroma that only gets stronger in more aged varieties, getting to an almost Hazelnut flavor and tangy, if you will.  Personally, I like it better than Swiss.  Creamy and smooth, Havarti pairs well with a wide variety of foods in gourmet fashion.  It's a great compliment to spicy dishes, you can shred it on pizza, it melts perfectly and gets golden, brown and delicious on casseroles!  Try it on a burger or pair it up with just about any other kind of cheese for a good old fashioned but now upscale grilled cheese sandwich.

I bought a 32 ounce package of Arla brand sliced Havarti cheese for just $7.89 at Costco.  That my friends is Bachelor on the Cheap friendly AND delicious!  At just 25 cents a slice this upscale cheese at a bargain price cheese ROCKS!

20181208_182017-1Arla Havarti cheese gets five out of five Bachelor on the cheap stars and is most definitely a repeat buy!

5 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends.....

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The problem is that it's just not available here. Nice price but no Cosco short of flight across a very wide ocean. They had some at for a year at one grocery but now nothing for a year since. Of course the absolute continuing lockdown doesn't help. So - how to get delivery here in the interior of Mindanao in the Philippines? Yes I know it will cost ridiculously large!

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