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June ICPL Bookmobile Online Newsletter - The Windshield

Meet the ICPL Bookmobile Staff: Mari Redington


Learn more about the ICPL staff members who work on the Bookmobile! This month we talk to Mari Redington. 


Working on the bookmobile is a whirlwind of a day! I typically see dozens of kids and adults, do at least one Storytime for children, and drive all over town. It goes by quickly but we seem to make an impact on a lot of people who have difficulty getting to the Library, which makes each day meaningful. 


My favorite thing about the bookmobile is that we go to such diverse places. During the school year we visit eight preschools a month, go to at least one elementary school each afternoon, and visit busy spots and retirement homes all day. In the summer it is even more fun when we throw Stories in the Parks and Parties in the Parks into the mix. Maybe it’s still a novelty, even to me, but people often treat visiting the Bookmobile like a special occasion. And it is! 


Last summer during “Bring Your Dog to Work Week” in early June, naturally as librarians we brought Clifford the dog to all of our Stories in the Parks. It was an unseasonably warm week, so Clifford could only stay for a little while after the Storytime, but the kids loved meeting him. Clifford loved the Bookmobile because of the air conditioning and numerous books about him on it, but was denied when he asked to tag along at the rest of our stops. 


I don’t want to say Bookmobile users get “special treatment,” but I do want people to know that you are getting specialized treatment. Since we are coming to you, we are happy to accommodate any need you might have. Individuals with mobility issues can use our lift, we have toys on the bookmobile for young kids to play with, we happily deliver holds and interlibrary loans, and you can register and pick up prizes for the summer reading program. As I get to know regular visitors, I find myself bring spotlight items that I know certain patrons will like, and I am able to give recommendations based on their preferences. It has truly been a pleasure getting to know individuals out in the community, and I like to think their experience with us has been positive. 

The Bookmobile's second summer on the road


After a week off to recharge, the Bookmobile is back on the road for the 2018 Summer Schedule.

Not only is this the Bookmobile's second year of summer service, it's the second year of the ICPL Bookmobile's existence! Time goes so fast!

During the first week of Summer Schedule, June 4 through June 8, the Bookmobile had 532 visitors. They checked out 946 items. Bookmobile staff try and keep the Bookmobile stocked with the hottest books and movies, meaning visitors who were "just browsing" were able to take home the item they wanted right away instead of joining a long holds list.

Speaking of holds, did you know you can pick up holds on the Bookmobile? When placing requests online, change the pickup location to Bookmobile. Then consult the Bookmobile's schedule to find a stop closest to your home or workplace.

Party in the Park summer schedule announced



Connect with friends, family and neighbors this summer at Party in the Park! Bring your lawn chairs or blankets and enjoy live music, games, arts and crafts, and frozen treats.

The Bookmobile will be part of the party in June, July and August. Here's the 2018 Party in the Park schedule for June. Each party happens on Thursday from 6:30 to 8 p.m. 

June 14 at Chadek Park — 1920 Friendship St.          

Entertainment: Abbie Callahan

Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre performance at 5:30 p.m. 

June 21 at Wetherby Park — 2400 Taylor St.

Entertainment: Iowa City Youth Has Talent

Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre performance at 5:30 p.m. 

June 28 at Longfellow Nature Trail  — Sheridan Ave & Grant St 

Entertainment: The Ron Hillis One Man Band

Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre performance at 5:30 p.m.

Party in the Park is a no-fee event and is open to the public. It's sponsored by the Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department and the Neighborhood Outreach Division. Find the complete 2018 Party in the Park schedule here

Overheard on the Bookmobile: ABC Saturday edition

bookmobile ABC

The Bookmobile attended ABC Saturday on June 2, with 611 people visiting in four hours. Here are a few of the things we overheard during that time:

"Do medical textbooks count toward the Adult Summer Reading Program reading goal?"

Yes, they do.

"Remember when I checked out all the Harry Potter books from the library one summer and read every day? That was amazing."

We totally agree!

"Your card catalog said you have a copy of Black Panther! Where is it?"

We located the DVD and all was well. Wakanda Forever!



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