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BROOKLYN, Iowa – How President Trump reacts to a reported White House meeting with renewable fuels industry representatives today could be the make-or-break difference for many farmers, bio-fuels producers and the Midwest economy, Republican candidate for Iowa secretary of agriculture Craig Lang said.

“Agriculture was already reeling from the one-two punch of a low commodity prices and high production costs. China’s proposed tariffs on soybeans, pork, beefs and other farm products in recent days has been another body blow that we’ve had to absorb,” Lang said. “The last thing we need is for federal officials to give in to Big Oil and fail to uphold the promises made in the Renewable Fuel Standard.”

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) requires renewable fuel to be blended into transportation fuel in increasing amounts each year, reaching 36 billion gallons by 2022 in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases. The White House meeting, which was first reported by DTN/The Progressive Farmer on Friday, was prompted by concerns that Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt will weaken the mandate in response to efforts by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and oil interests to contain RFS compliance costs.

“We’re not asking for anything new or outrageous. We’re only asking that the federal government honor the policy and promises that were the basis for investments in ethanol production here in Iowa and across the country. A failure to uphold those promises would further depress corn prices,” said Lang, a former Farm Bureau president. “When President Trump meets with renewable fuels advocates today, he needs to understand that they are the voice for thousands of farmers and agribusiness people, especially in the Midwest, whose very livelihood depends on him keeping those promises.”

For more information on Lang and his candidacy, visit www.craiglangiowa.com.


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Ethynol has been a complete fraud from the beginning. It actually cost more, in energy, to produce, than it ends up providing to the end-user, which is the necessity for the Government subsidization. Why should the American consumer continue a policy based upon a bad decision, that was originally based upon some Marxist/Socialist idea of "sharing the burden?"

This is contorted thinking from the get-go! End the ridiculousness of "Clinton/Obama-think," whilst we still have something to work with.

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