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A Bachelor on the Cheap Challenge: Eating Fast Food Value Meals for a Week on a $50 Budget, Day 3, Lunch

A Bachelor on the Cheap Challenge: Eating Fast Food Value Meals for a Week on a $50 Budget, Day 3, Breakfast

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

Can you eat nothing but fast food value meals for a week on just $50?

That's a budget of just $7.14 a day.

Are there enough restaurants out there offering value meals that will fit in the budget? Will there be enough variety? Will I stay full enough, no snacking required?

I say I can stay under budget and eat well to boot.

It's Day 3 and time for breakfast

This challenge is already getting tougher, looking for value meals that sound good, without busting that $7.14 a day budget or defaulting to the same restaurants.   

20180125_093924This morning, I enjoyed a cinnamon raisin biscuit from Hardees.

Honestly, I can't believe how surprisingly good these are.  I'm not a donuts/pastry/sweets for breakfast kind of guy.  I'm really not into pancakes, waffles and syrup either.  My goal today is to try and keep that breakfast expenditure low so I can eat a little better for lunch and dinner, so I hesitatingly ordered that cinnamon raisin biscuit.

I really liked this biscuit because it's not too sweet.  Sure, there's that glaze, but the biscuit rocks, providing a savory element rather than the sugar overkill of a donut or pastry.  Complimented by the cinnamon and raisin the biscuit hit the spot while I ran errands this morning.  Had this been a donut or pastry, I wouldn't have gone for it.

The only downside to this meal?  I had "I need a snack" trouble yesterday, eating just a sausage burrito from McDonald's for breakfast and getting hungry long before lunch time came, but I made it.  So if a small breakfast burrito with meat, egg and cheese couldn't cut the "full" chore yesterday, a biscuit, as tasty as it was, surely won't hold me today.  I'll probably be eating lunch a little early, which may impact the budget.

Meal total for the day:  

Breakfast:  $1.27

Cumulative total for the Challenge:

Day 1:  $7.29

Day 2:  $6.44

Day 3:  $1.27 (Breakfast)  I've got $5.87 left to spend

I went over budget by 15 cents on Day 1, but was under budget by 55 cents on Day 2.

20180125_093917Grand Total:  $15.00 on Day 3 with lunch and dinner to go. 

The nice thing about this challenge - No dish washing required!  Bonus!

And then there's bonus #2:  A growing surplus of napkins!

Bonus #3:  The opportunity to rack up on condiment packets.....  You knew that was coming, right?  What bachelor does NOT have condiment packets in his fridge?

To read up on the other fast food meals being consumed on just $7.14 a day, go to www.bacheloronthecheap.com.



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