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A weight loss of 34 pounds at the five-month mark

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

OK folks, today marks the five month mark since I started a low carb diet. I'm pleased to announce that I've lost 34 pounds, an average rate of just under 7 pounds of weight loss per month.  That's healthy weight loss.  And my diet has been easy really, treating breads, pastas, potatoes and rice as well, treats, not staples.

Instead of chips, I eat pork rinds.  Instead of pizza, I eat "meatza", which is all the toppings and sauce, no crust.  Instead of pork fried rice, I eat pork/veggie stir fry.  Those are just a few examples of the diet changes I made, which has lead to slow but steady, healthy, weight loss.

I've also experimented with new flavors during the course of this diet, after all, a diet can't be boring or you won't stick with it!  I've added Louisiana Hot Sauce, Sriracha, citrus flavors and all kinds of new veggies I used to ignore to my cooking. 

A weight loss diet doesn't have to be strictly regimented, 'X' number of calories, low fat this, no sugar that......  But it does have to be disciplined and that's what this diet provides.

And here's further evidence that the reduction of bread/pasta/potato/rice type carbs from your diet works:  My blood pressure, which I check daily, is much more consistent, as is my resting pulse rate.  Regular readers know that I take blood pressure medication, and that I was on 40mg a day with a daily pill to regulate it when I started this diet, and I'm on just 10mg now.  The next time I visit the doctor, I hope to be off the need for the medication completely!

This diet is simple, treat breads, pastas and rice as treats, not staples!

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