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Microsoft is updating Windows 10 again, in its latest bid to win you back - CNET

A new update to Microsoft's Windows 10 is coming, but you're forgiven if you didn't know. It turns out not many people are going to tell you.

Admittedly, there's not much to talk about. The list of refinements for Microsoft's free paper-anniversary update to Win 10 can fit on a small sheet with less than a dozen bullet points. The changes boil down to features like making the digital pen more useful, new technology to detect hacking attacks and the ability to log into a computer with a wearable device instead of a password.

The company's Cortana voice-activated assistant will gain new features too, each of which was designed to bring the technology closer to, as Microsoft spokeswoman Laura Jones put it, "the same features of a real-life personal assistant."

With this in mind, Microsoft and the PC industry are largely treating the August 2 launch as just another Tuesday.


Uber is planning on investing $500 million dollars to map the world’s roads | The Verge

Uber relies heavily on Google’s extensive maps, but it appears that the ride share company is getting ready to stand on their own. According to The Financial Times, it is planning to invest half a billion dollars into creating its own worldwide maps, a crucial step towards using autonomous cars.


Manning camp positions Hawkeye QB Beathard for future | Iowa Hawkeyes Football |

CHICAGO — Surrounded by many of college football’s elite quarterbacks at the Manning Passing Academy earlier this summer, C.J. Beathard believes he learned as much as the young players he worked with at the camp.

Among the things the Iowa senior discovered is that he feels he is ahead of many of the other top quarterbacks in next year’s draft class from a developmental standpoint because of how the Hawkeyes’ offense is structured and the team prepares.

“So many guys are working out of spreads these days and that’s not the NFL game,’’ Beathard said. “I came out of that camp really feeling like I was at the head of the class in terms of knowledge of coverages and stuff. A lot of what we do at Iowa is pretty similar to what I’ll see at the next level.’’


More Samsung Galaxy S8 News Leaks, Rumors and Release Date

Apparently, Samsung Galaxy S8 is being built under the codename Project Dream. Expectations are high that the S8 will come with major design changes, display improvements, better processing specs and probably come with an iris scanner as well as Android Nougat, just to name but a few. But most of all, the handset is expected to delve much deeper into the newest virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. In this regards, the Galaxy S8 will supposedly come with a 4K display screen.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are the major reasons Samsung will shift from the current 2K resolutions to 4K resolutions. In fact, it is thought that the Project Dream codename has a lot to do with Google’s Daydream VR platform.

With the future still unknown, Samsung would be happy to proof the phone against any such standards should they emerge. This is even backed by the fact that Samsung showed off a 5.5-inch 4K display screen that is meant for VR content during the SID Display Week back in May, but this was just a prototype that may take some time before coming to life.


Woman Claims She Was Sexually Assaulted By Toy At Hibachi Restaurant

A woman who visited a hibachi steakhouse in Tennessee says she was sexually assaulted by a toy during her dinner.

Police were called to Hibachi in Murfreesboro this week on a sexual assault complaint, where the Isabelle Lassiter told them she'd been squirted in the face with a toy by a chef.

The toy is meant to look like a little boy that pulls his pants down and "urinates."

Watch: Former Fox News Reporter Arrested on Rape and Forcible Sodomy Charges: Cops

Proprietors of the restaurant admit the incident occurred and said the toy is meant to be funny.

But Lassiter isn't isn't laughing, in part because it happened in front of her children.

"It peed on me, basically. Out of his… wee-wee area,” Isabelle Lassiter told WTVF.

Lassiter reportedly police said she felt sexually assaulted because the toy had a penis. However, in the police statement, the officer refuted that claim.

"I observed the toy to have no penis and just a hole for the water to shoot out," the officer wrote.

In reaction to news reports about the incident, Lassiter and her husband released a statement defending the allegations.

"People are missing the point. This was a sexually-oriented toy meant for adults, in front of minor children," the statement read. "We're not trying to make money off of this. If the toy was in a bar, it'd be a different situation, but this was in a family restaurant with 13 to 14 year olds at the table. If people think it's so funny, why don't people go buy that toy and squirt a cop in the face with it and see what happens."


Iowa City groomer accused of kicking dog, breaking its ribs | New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Police in Iowa City say a dog was kicked by a worker at a veterinary center, causing serious injuries including broken ribs.

According to the Iowa City Press-Citizen, Lucas Van Orden V., 22, told investigators he kicked the dog during a grooming session on July 9 at Creature Comfort Veterinary Center in Iowa City.

The dog sustained broken ribs and bruised lungs, according to the paper. The animal was kept under observation at an animal emergency room for several nights after the incident.

In a post on reddit, the owners wrote that they knew their dog, a corgi named Jasper, was in pain as soon as they picked him up. The dog reportedly walked slowly with his ears pointed down and yelped when he was picked up.


Iowa Bets Big on Wind Power

Two Iowa utilities are investing a combined $4.6 billion to build 2,500 megawatts of new wind energy in the state over the next four years.

On Wednesday, Alliant Energy announced a $1 billion, 500-megawatt expansion of its 200-megawatt Whispering Willow Wind Farm in north-central Iowa, while MidAmerican Energy announced that it had settled a rate agreement that would allow its Wind XI project, a $3.6 billion, 2,000-megawatt wind farm, to proceed.