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Don't pour your pasta water down the drain

By Mike Thayer

If you're like most folks, when the water starts boiling for that pot of spaghetti you add some salt before putting in the noodles.  Others like to include a drizzle of olive oil.  Myself, I like to add some garlic powder along with the traditional salt to my pasta water.

So why pour that flavor down the drain after the pasta is done?

Save the pasta water for future preparations like rice, sauces, gravies, virtually any savory dish that calls for water. 

If you've got one of those colander/boiler combo pans, you can save all the pasta water for future use, putting that flavor in individual tupperware containers.   Put a couple in the fridge, put some in the freezer.   Experiment with that flavor, after draining your pasta add onion flake, a tab of butter, Mrs. Dash, a cube of chicken boullion, or oregano for a nice tomato based sauce.  It's up to you.

Don't have one of those colander/boiler combo pans?  No problem, set aside 2 - 4 cups of the pasta water before you drain. 

Save your flavor!