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As the Coralville Courier readers predicted, the Johnson County jail proposal loses bigger than it did in November

By Mike Thayer

This is a see I told you so moment.  Some of you people need to listen to me and the many good folks smart enough to read my site, I KNOW what I'm talking about and my readers are well informed.  I have a finger on the pulse of the local electorate.

What the readers of the Coralville Courier predicted, online poll results posted this morning:

Take the following with a grain of salt, here are the results of the Coralville Courier online poll pertaining to this issue, 512 people participated:

"Yes" votes - 270 (53%)

"No" votes - 242 (47%)

Not enough to pass, with voters rejecting a new jail and courthouse makeover by an even larger margin than they did back in November.

And here are the actual results, from the Johnson County Auditor's Office:

"Yes" votes - 54%

"No" votes - 46%

It doesn't get much closer than that.

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