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Local *leaders* Rod Sullivan and Tom Gill squabble on another person's Facebook page!

Johnson County Supervisor Rod "F*&^ You" Sullivan and Coralville City Council member Tom Gill thought it was a good idea to squabble on Facebook about the county jail.....  And they did it on another person's Facebook page!  I've left that person's name off the commentary, here it is as of 6:30pm, Tuesday, July 31, 2012.

Thomas J. Gill (20 hours ago):  Sheriff Pulkrabek is a fine individual, but I am going to vote NO November 6th for the $46.8 million bond referendum to build a Justice Center. Yes I realize it is more than a Jail but not at this time.

Rod Sullivan (19 hours ago): At least you get to vote! Offer the same courtesy to (name withheld)!

(Name withheld) (11 hours ago):  I am voting Rod.

Rod Sullivan (8 hours ago): I meant on Coralville issues.

Thomas J. Gill (7 hours ago): Hah, there you go again, who voted on Sullivan's Sutliff bridge to nowhere?

Rod Sullivan (7 hours ago): You always change the subject. You don't have the balls to discuss your own record. So - answer the question: why can't (name withheld) vote on Coralville expenditures of millions of dollars?

Ain't that GREAT? .....   A couple of so-called leaders playing a game of who can be the better hypocrite?


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