Build up your food reserves, here's how
Reward your garden with compost

Are you ready to plant your garden yet?

By Mike Thayer

Garden_shot_1 Yesterday was a pretty good day to play in the dirt if you're a garden fantatic.  With the temperature forecast to hit the 70 degree mark today and barring any rain, a lot more 'playing in the dirt' can be done in the Thayer Garden, a.k.a. The Akdeniz Garden.

Yesterday was spent prepping and amending the soil.  I'm big on using compost and for those of you who haven't really gotten into it because you think it would be a big hassle to start, it's really not.  I built myself a three-bin composter a few years back which provides the garden and flower beds with oh-so valuable nutrition for the veggies and flowers.  But before that I used a simple 4'x4' box made out of scrap wood.    It's amazing what a few egg shells (calcium), melon rinds, banana and orange peels can do for your garden.  Bonus:  You won't have a slug, snail, or cutworm problem if you add egg shells to your garden soil.  Using compost beats the pants off of commercial fertilizers, saves money, is free of unnecessary chemicals and there's no more hassles with the garbage disposal! 

Garden_shot_mailbox Barring any rain, lunchtime today will allow me to put in some cool weather tolerant veggies.  It's not too early to sow some seeds.  If your garden is prepped, you can sow the following now:  Onions, radishes, spinach, peas, carrots, arugula and a variety of lettuces.  After the danger of the last frost is past (Mother's Day is my general rule of thumb), I'll be putting in eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, okra and a variety of peppers.

Up next, an article on composting!



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