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Build up your food reserves, here's how

Folks, you've been hearing me talk about the need to buy food, gold, and guns... Some call it paranoid, others call it prudent. In shopping around for sources of food with a long shelf life to build up my family's reserves, I'm getting a sample of foods from the company mentioned below, it has a shelf life of up to 25 years. I recommend you check them out. 3 free meals, just pay for shipping.

Efoods_global I just ordered FREE food reserves from eFoods Global and you can do the same. I found out about this offer as the result of someone’s act of kindness – someone who cared enough about me to share the value of having food reserves on hand.

Just click here and you can soon enjoy truly wonderful meals on the company’s dime. They tell me they are the highest quality food reserves on the planet.

When you get to the site, all you have to do is click on TRY IT and take an informative tour about the importance of having food reserves in your home. At the end of the tour, you can collect 12 free servings of food – any 3 products of your choice. eFoods Global believes in the importance of being prepared so much, that they are willing to feed your family for free with absolutely no obligation.

You came to mind when I ordered my free food and I thought you might also appreciate a little kindness from eFoods Global. Take the tour, order your free food and consider this dinner and a movie on me!


Mike Thayer, Publisher

Konomi Restaurant: Great chef, lousy waitress

Filiz_thayer By Filiz Thayer

My husband and our three boys took me to the Konomi Restaurant & Grill in Coralville for my birthday.  We love the fun involved with Teppanyaki style food preparation and having some great dining experiences at the Three Samurai Restaurant in town, we decided to give the Konomi a try for comparison.

Mixed results. 

Our waitress left much to be desired.  After she took our drink order, it's like she left the building.  After patiently waiting for quite some time - it was a Tuesday, not a very busy night - we had to ask another waitress where our waitress was.  A waiter, not our waitress, ended up bringing our drink order and no excuse for the absence of our waitress was offered.  Our waitress then appeared, took our food order and quickly disappeared again.  After another bit of a wait, our waitress delivered our appetizer of soup which was quite good.  Then our table chef arrived and he was fantastic!  Caught up in the show of the Teppanyaki preparation, when it came time to start eating we realized we didn't have any eating utensils, no flatware, not even chopsticks.  Our chef ended up getting that for us.  We had to ask for drink refills during the course of the meal - the food was excellent - enjoying dinner plates of steak, shrimp, salmon and all the accompanying sides.

When the check arrived, which we had to ask for after another extended wait and again an opportunity for the waitress to explain what was up with the non-attention attention.....  We wrote on the ticket that the chef was to receive the entire tip of 20%.   He was great, she was almost non-existent.  We'll be going back to the Three Samari next time we're in the mood for Teppanyaki.

The Konomi Restaurant & Grill gets 3 out of 5 stars

843 Quarry Rd
Unit 140
Coralville, IA 52241