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April 2010

Thayer boys promoted in Tae Kwon Do

Kangs martial arts promotion CORALVILLE, IA. -- The Thayer twins achieved a higher belt standing recently during promotion testing at Kang's Martial Arts Academy in Coralville.

John and Drew, both age 9, trained hard for testing and demonstrated the necessary skills to get to the next belt level.  John was promoted to Brown High and Drew achieved Red belt status.

A complete list of the Coralville academy members getting promoted is as follows: 

Junior Class  
Name New belt level
Max Collins Deputy Black Belt
Eric Rothman Red High
Drew Thayer Red   
John Thayer Brown High
Kalen McCain Blue High
Michael Scudiero Green
Ryan Beitz Orange
Jordon Murray Yellow
Maizie Baltes Yellow
Deborah Kim Yellow
Sally Fauchier Yellow
Emma Fauchier Yellow
Miriam (Mimie) Fauchier Yellow
Adult Class  
Name New belt level
Kelly Oelmann Blue High
Meera Ajam Green
Kelly McConnell Yellow
Chris Fauchier Yellow
Marla Fauchier Yellow

Specializing in Taekwondo and Kum Do Martial arts training, Kang’s Academy is located at 2421 James St. in Coralville.  Located directly across from the Coral Ridge Mall and close to IHop, Kang’s is open from 4:45pm into the evening hours Monday through Thursday.  A second school is located in Marion.   For more information check out the Kang’s Martial Arts website at or call 319-338-2264.