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Coralville Huhot Exceeds Expectations

If you're craving some oriental style food, visit the Huhot Mongolian Grill.  The nice thing about Huhot is that it's not your typical warming lamps and steam tables kind of buffet.  You pick up a bowl and fill it with your choice of frozen beef, chicken, pork, or shrimp, noodles, and a large assortments of raw vegetables.  Then you get to choose what kind of sauces and oil to mix with your stir fry.  Hand off your concoction to one of the chefs, watch him Mongolian Grill it up and in minutes you're sitting down to a pleasant meal.

You can mix and match your meal and it's fun for the kids.  Go with a standard Broccoli Beef, or create some spicy chicken of your own doing (doom?).  You can skip the meat and go tofu with veggies if you like, after all, in this place you're only limited by your own imagination and curiosity. 

The Coralville Huhot appears to be well managed.  The place was neat, clean, orderly, the staff all polite and energetic.  Our waiter always kept our glasses filled; asked how everything was; cleared our table of 1st round plates (2 rounds was VERY filling).  The manager stopped by to see if we enjoyed our meal.  To sum, all 'i's were dotted and 't's crossed, and done with a smile.

The Huhot is NOT your typical buffet and scores five stars!  


Huhot Mongolian Grill

917 25th Ave
Coralville, IA 52241
(319) 358-9100