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Remembering September 11th, 2001

911Today is the 7th anniversary of the most horrific but cowardly terrorist attack ever to occur.  That mournful day stirs up a lot of painful memories and a great sense of loss, but we cannot afford to forget.

Nothing justifies what happened that day, the murdering of thousands of innocent men, women, and children when terrorist thugs hijacked commercial airliners and crashed them into the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. 

We cannot forget what happened that day and the very real threat of Islamic extremist terrorism.  It's alarming though that the driveby media wants us to forget.

Note that Democrats have done everything they can to throw obstacles in the effort to combat terrorism.  Please also note that despite Democrat party before country efforts, that this country has not suffered another 9/11 style attack since that tragic day.  That's not just a coincidence.