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Food Review: Subway's Baja Chicken & Bacon Sub - Bachelor on the Cheap

By Mike Thayer

Subway's Baja Chicken & Bacon Sub
Subway is generous with the Baja Chipotle sauce, but it doesn't make up for the dry, under seasoned chicken

After a long hiatus from eating at Subway because they flat out aren't the best sub shop out there, I recently went in to try a sandwich from their new and supposedly revamped menu which they've been marketing as "Eat Fresh, Refresh."

On that visit I sampled the Baja Steak & Jack sandwich and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was.  Not only were the flavors there and more exciting than the old menu options, the sandwich prep itself was better than what I experienced in the past.  Those factors contributed to Subway's decline as the sandwich king in recent years, a ho-hum menu with average ingredients and food prep that was sloppy.  But they seem to have stepped up their game.

So in enjoying that Baja Steak & Jack, today I decided to give the the Baja Chicken & Bacon Sub a try.

Featuring hand-pulled rotisserie-style chicken, hickory-smoked bacon (new to the "refreshed" menu), pepper jack cheese and all drizzled with Subway’s Baja Chipotle sauce (also new to the "refreshed" menu) I was looking forward to another smoky and spicy "Baja" kick.

I ordered a foot long on the Italian Artisan bread, toasted, and I had it topped with lettuce and tomato, the suggested adds from the menu board.

Baja Chicken & Bacon
Uneven distribution of meat, some empty bread bites there at the heel

Subway hasn't completely kicked it's old bad habit of some sloppy food prep and not so great ingredients.  I'm a bit amazed at how there can be such a product quality gap and lack of attention to detail from different staff at the same shop.   The meat for my sandwich wasn't distributed evenly on the bread, it was just slapped on, the lettuce was looking a bit wilted and needed to be changed out and the tomatoes, half the slices had very green centers.  After doing some quality control on my own behalf because the staff wasn't, I paid for my to-go sandwich and chips.  Hey, if I'm going to pay $12 for a sandwich, I want fresh green lettuce and red tomatoes.  With the chips, the total price was over $14.  Subway has raised their prices in introducing their new menu and while I appreciate the new hickory smoked bacon and Baja Chipotle sauce as part of that price hike, I also expect better food prep and improved quality control with the other ingredients. 

In taking the first bite of the Baja Chicken & Bacon sub, I was not as impressed as I was with the Baja Steak & Jack.  The rotisserie chicken was dry and under seasoned. I got crispy bacon in every chicken bite, kudos there, and the pepper jack cheese was nicely melted.  The toasting of the bread was good but had I not done some quality control on the veggies, I think I would have been rather disappointed in the quality of this sandwich.  As it was, the overall flavor is underwhelming.  I'm left wondering if it would have been the same employees that prepared my Baja Steak sandwich the other day, would my Baja Chicken have been a much better sandwich?

Costing me over $14 for a foot long sub and a bag of chips, I'm giving the Subway Baja Chicken & Bacon sub just 2 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  I paid too much money for an "Eat Fresh Refresh" sandwich.  It is NOT worthy of a repeat buy, well, not prepared by the same staff anyway...  That's a reflection on management and the inconsistency in food prep and ingredients.

2 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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Today's Weather Outlook for the Corridor

Today's weather forecast and a four day outlook.  Check this page for the latest weather reports in the corridor area.  Up-to-date weather conditions for the Iowa City area are observed at the Iowa City, Iowa City Municipal Airport, IA.  For weather conditions specific to other cities outside the corridor area, just type in your zip code below.

Coralville, Iowa, weather forecast

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Iowa City Parks and Recreation seeks feedback on future of recreation facilities and programs

Iowa City Parks and Recreation is requesting additional community feedback to help us reimagine recreation. A new comprehensive needs assessment survey on the future of recreation facilities and programs in Iowa City is now available for input. The information generated from this study will be used to create the Gather Here Recreation Master Plan. This plan will gather input from the public, examine existing facilities, and provide guidance for the future facility improvements and recreation programming in the following areas:

Existing recreation facilities

  • City Park Pool
  • Mercer Park Aquatic Center and Scanlon Gym
  • Robert A. Lee Community Recreation Center

Outdoor sports fields

Recreation activities, programs, and events

This process does not include parks, trails, and playgrounds as they were a part of the 2017 Gather Here Park Master Plan.

Feedback from the community is critical to the development of the master plan. A draft plan will be developed based on the feedback received and will be available for public review and comment later this year.

Residents may complete the survey here.

Read more about the project at

Cedar Rapids Police release 2021 Crime Statistics

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – The Cedar Rapids Police Department has released its 2021 Crime Statistics report. 

Reflecting on 2021, Chief of Police Wayne Jerman, acknowledges the year’s unexpected challenges and the effects they had on crime while maintaining a positive outlook on living and working in Cedar Rapids.

“There are several encouraging points in our 2021 report.  Statistics show our focus on violent crime pays dividends.  We must give credit to the work our officers and investigators do every day, and community partners’ engagement.  I appreciate the work and efforts involving the GVI (Group Violence Intervention) program.  Their relationship building, involvement, and custom notifications move us in the right direction.”

Chief Jerman continues his evaluation of the report by saying “Rapes and lesser sex offenses and robberies are all trending downward.  Our analysis indicates we can attribute the rise in Aggravated Assault offenses partly to another year of people spending more time in close proximity to each other.  The majority of Aggravated Assault incidents spring from situations where the parties involved know each other.  Burglaries and other property crimes show a significant decrease as well.”

The Chief wants to ensure our community that Cedar Rapids is a safe city and he encourages everyone to join the effort to curb crime in their neighborhood.  

Protect your pets during cold temperatures

Bitterly cold temperatures are forecasted into Friday and will likely reappear throughout the winter. Iowa City Animal Services would like to remind the community that if temperatures are too cold for humans to be out in long, they're likely too cold for your pets, too.

If you're a pet owner, please consider these tips from the American Veterinary Medical Association:

Stay inside. Cats and dogs should be kept inside during cold weather. Cats and dogs are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia and should be kept inside. Longer-haired and thick-coated dog breeds - such as huskies and other dogs bred for colder climates - are more tolerant of cold weather, but no pet should be left outside for long periods of time in below-freezing weather.

Provide shelter: If you must keep your pet outside for long periods of time, provide them with a warm, solid shelter against wind. Make sure that they have unlimited access to fresh, non-frozen water (by changing the water frequently or using a pet-safe, heated water bowl). The floor of the shelter should be off of the ground to minimize heat loss into the ground and the bedding should be thick, dry, and changed regularly to provide a warm and dry environment. The door to the shelter should be positioned away from prevailing winds. Space heaters and heat lamps should be avoided because of the risk of burns or fire. Heated pet mats should also be used with caution because they are still capable of causing burns.

Know the limits: A pet's tolerance for cold varies from animal to animal. Be aware of your pet's tolerance for cold and adjust accordingly, such as shortening your walks together.

Play dress-up: If your dog has a short coat or seems bothered by the cold weather, consider a sweater or dog coat. If you use booties to protect your dog's feet, make sure they fit properly.

Check the paws: Check your dog’s paws frequently for signs of cold-weather injury or damage, such as cracked paw pads or bleeding. During a walk, a sudden lameness may be due to an injury or may be due to ice accumulation between toes

Wipe down: During walks, your dog’s feet, legs and belly may pick up deicers, antifreeze, or other chemicals that could be toxic. When you get back inside, wipe down or wash your pet’s feet, legs and belly to remove these chemicals and reduce the risk that your dog will be poisoned after they lick them off of their feet or fur. Consider using pet-safe deicers on your property to protect your pets and the others in your neighborhood.

Recognize problems: If your pet is whining, shivering, seems anxious, slows down or stops moving, seems weak, or starts looking for warm places to burrow, get them back inside quickly because they are showing signs of hypothermia. Frostbite is harder to detect and may not be fully recognized until a few days after the damage is done. If you suspect your pet has hypothermia or frostbite, consult your veterinarian immediately.

MidAmerican Energy proposes $3.9 billion “Wind PRIME” renewable energy project

Proposal includes clean generation and storage feasibility studies to help company achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions

DES MOINES, Iowa – MidAmerican Energy today announced plans for a $3.9 billion renewable energy project in Iowa, including wind and solar generation, and the exploration of new technologies to advance the company’s transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

In a filing with the Iowa Utilities Board, MidAmerican’s proposed project, called Wind PRIME, would add 2,042 megawatts of wind generation and 50 megawatts of solar generation.

The company also proposed conducting feasibility studies focused on other clean generation technologies, including carbon capture, energy storage and small modular nuclear reactors.

Wind PRIME will continue MidAmerican’s long history of supporting Iowa communities and advancing the state’s position as a leader in renewable energy. Since 2004, the company has invested approximately $14 billion in renewable energy projects across Iowa.

“Iowa is a renewable energy leader, thanks in large part to MidAmerican Energy’s proven track record of clean energy commitments and investments that are a true competitive advantage for our state,” Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds said. “MidAmerican’s Wind PRIME is a commitment and investment on a whole new level, cementing Iowa’s clean energy leadership for many years to come. Beyond that, though, the company’s commitment to study and pursue emerging clean energy technologies will help Iowa meet the growing demand for a sustainable economy that manages our carbon footprint.”

Wind PRIME, MidAmerican’s 13th renewable energy generation development, is aptly named to both convey that now is the prime time to embark on this opportunity, and to reflect that although wind is an essential component, the project also includes solar energy generation and the examination of new clean energy technologies that will be an important part of the net-zero transition.

“As MidAmerican continues to progress toward delivering 100% renewable energy to our customers, we are also preparing to meet an important milestone of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions,” Kelcey Brown, president and CEO of MidAmerican, said. “The Wind PRIME project will position us and our customers for a sustainable future, while ensuring we continue to deliver affordable and reliable energy.”

Wind PRIME would result in significant benefits for the environment and MidAmerican’s customers:

  • Deliver 100% renewable energy to customers – In 2021, MidAmerican estimates that it delivered 88% renewable energy on an annual basis to customers across the state. When combined with MidAmerican’s other projects, the 2,092-megawatt Wind PRIME project would allow MidAmerican to provide renewable energy equal to its Iowa customers’ annual usage. 
  • Carbon reduction – While thermal generation will remain a necessary part of the portfolio to ensure reliability for customers, the completion of Wind PRIME, in conjunction with existing noncarbon resources, is projected to result in an overall reduction of CO2 by nearly 14 million metric tons, or approximately 75%, from 2005 levels.
  • Striving to reach net zero – Wind PRIME also proposes the study of emerging technologies, including energy storage, carbon capture and small modular nuclear generation, that will help expand MidAmerican’s ability to meet its customers’ demand for renewable generation as well as lower-carbon and noncarbon generation.

MidAmerican estimates that the Wind PRIME project will create more than 1,100 full-time jobs during the construction phase and another 125 full-time positions for ongoing operations and maintenance.

In addition, Wind PRIME will provide an average of $24 million-plus per year in local property tax payments on wind turbines and solar facilities, as well as more than $21 million in annual landowner easement payments.

If approved, the company plans to complete construction in late 2024.

About MidAmerican Energy
MidAmerican Energy, a subsidiary of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Energy, is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. The company serves 795,000 electric customers in Iowa, Illinois and South Dakota, and 774,000 natural gas customers in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and South Dakota. Information about MidAmerican Energy is available at and company social media channels.

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2021-2022 Cedar Rapids Urban Deer Management Program Report

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – The Cedar Rapids Urban Deer Management Program concluded the 2021-2022 bow hunt season January 10.  63 hunters qualified for the urban bow hunt; 31 of the 63 hunters were successful in harvesting at least one deer. There were a total of 84 deer taken during this season's bow hunt. This is a decrease of 3 deer from the 2020-2021 season.   

Harvest statistics:  

69 does

8 button bucks

7 antlered bucks  

Five deer were donated to help feed those experience hunger in Iowa through the HUSH Program. 79 deer were kept for personal consumption.  The two main goals of donation include reducing the deer population and providing high-quality red meat to the needy in Iowa.  

Seven hunters harvested five or more does during this season's hunt and will be eligible for a 2022-2023 incentive buck tag. 

There were no injuries or hunting violations recorded this year.