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These new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ photo leaks are the best ones yet – BGR

In exactly two weeks and two days, Samsung will unveil its next-generation flagship Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones and put an end to all the mystery. Well, to be fair, there really isn’t very much mystery left at this point. Back in early March, BGR exclusively published the first live photos of a Galaxy S8 that was confirmed to be genuine, and we opened the floodgates for a flurry of leaks that have now left precious little to the imagination. Thanks to this unending stream of leaks and reports from solid sources, we now know just about everything there is to know about Samsung’s upcoming new flagship phones.

Of course, as exciting as the new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are, and as gorgeous as they look in all the leaked photos, it can never hurt to take another gander. So, on Monday morning, we’ve got another series of leaked photos for you to check out, and this time they include a great shot of the S8 lined up next to the S8+ with both devices turned on, so we can really get a good idea of how the two models compare.

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Hundreds of millions of Android users at risk, according to CIA docs released by WikiLeaks

Earlier this week, WikiLeaks shocked the world by releasing a treasure trove of alleged classified CIA documents that appear to have pulled back the curtain on a startlingly wide range of tools the agency uses to spy on people through their smartphones, computers, smart TVs and even cars. According to the documents, the CIA takes advantage of dozens of dangerous software vulnerabilities in Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, smart TVs, Wi-Fi routers and more, and exploits them in order to spy on device owners.

The documents exposed in this latest leak are still being analyzed by security experts, but users already have plenty of cause for concern at this point. Among them is the apparent fact that hundreds of millions of Android devices are currently exposed to a wide range of security holes. And according to a new report, Google has very few leads as it launches a massive effort to begin patching them.

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Nintendo Switch sales numbers for its opening weekend look pretty terrific – BGR

To call the Nintendo Switch a make or break console for the Japanese gaming giant is a bit of a stretch, but there’s no question that Nintendo has a whole lot riding on the success of its new video game console. Last Friday, the company began a long journey toward regaining gamers’ trust after the disaster that was the Wii U. After the original Wii became a cultural phenomenon, Nintendo looked to recapture the magic with the console’s successor in 2012. Despite tremendous buzz and a big head start on next-generation consoles from the competition, the Wii U fizzled thanks to its gimmicky touchscreen controller and a crippling lack of games.

In 2017, Nintendo looks to turn things around. And if early sales estimates are any indication, the company is off to a very good start.

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Amazon adding phone call and intercom functionality to new Alexa devices, report suggests

Amazon is reportedly working on new Alexa homes speaker devices featuring phone call and intercom functionality.

A report by Recode, citing sources close to the matter, said that later this year Amazon will unveil Alexa-powered devices capable of initiating phone calls by voice and come with a an intercom system allowing users to talk to others with an Alexa-powered device.

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Nintendo Switch could, maybe, possibly revolutionize industry - NY Daily News

It is more evolution than revolution. At least for now.

So the Nintendo Switch is finally here, and Nintendo is starting over after the failure (yes, that’s largely what it was) of the Wii U. The Nintendo Switch has finally arrived, with one of the greatest games you may ever play, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as its big Day 1 release, and a series of new ideas that redefine expectations of console flexibility.

And yet not everyone will love the Switch - at least not yet.

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Android Messages will be the new default texting app Google wants you to use - The Verge

Google is making a handful of announcements related to RCS today, but the piece of news you’re most likely to notice is that the default SMS app Google offers is now called “Android Messages” instead of “Messenger.” Or rather, it will be the default RCS app. RCS, if you don’t recall, is the next-generation messaging standard supported by a group of carriers and Google. It offers multimedia messages, read receipts, and other features you’d expect from a normal chat app like WhatsApp or iMessage.

Amir Sarhangi, Head of RCS at Google, tells The Verge that the app is getting renamed because Android Messages is becoming more like Android itself: an industry effort spearheaded by Google, but with other stakeholders involved (namely: the carriers). The new name is also a signal to users that the app fully supports RCS. Users will be able to download the Android Messages app directly from the Play Store — which gives the added benefit that the app can be updated directly rather than make people wait for a software update from their manufacturer.

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YouTube is killing off its unskippable 30-second ads

YouTube will stop serving unskippable 30-second ads to users in 2018, Google announced on Friday.

The company will instead push its other unskippable ad formats, including the 6-second ad unit it launched in April and its 20-second ads. (We first spotted the story on Campaign.)

A Google spokesperson told Business Insider: "We’ve decided to stop supporting 30-second unskippable ads as of 2018 and focus instead on formats that work well for both users and advertisers."

According to YouTube, more than half of its video views come from mobile users, where a 30-second ad can negatively affect consumers with a smaller data plan.

The video sharing website also faces competition from Facebook, which began testing mid-roll ads, allowing advertisers to insert ads after users have watched 20 seconds of a video, earlier this year.

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Zuckerberg's Letter And Will Facebook Make Minority Report's 'Precrime' A Reality?

This past Thursday Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg released his letter called “Building Global Community” in which he outlines his vision for creating a better world through Facebook. The document covers an incredible breadth of topics, but in light of Facebook’s activities around China, it also offers a frightening 1984-like vision of what the future may hold for dissidents and those who hold views outside of the government-approved mainstream.

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Facebook videos to autoplay with sound - BBC News

Much of Facebook’s recent growth can be attributed to the spread of video on its network - and the company told investors recently it planned to aggressively monetise that success.

Today, it announced some ideas to get things moving - starting with a change many users may not appreciate.

Videos have autoplayed on Facebook’s News Feed for some time, leading to a curious rise of “silent movies” as publishers adapted to knowing that the majority of viewers would be watching, but not listening, to their work.

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