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58% of American adults are on Facebook

SAN FRANCISCO – Facebook remains the most popular social media site in the United States. Fifty-eight percent of the entire adult population have an account, a study released Friday found.

Looking only at adults who use the Internet--81% of all Americans--Facebook's numbers are much higher. Almost three-quarters of online adults used Facebook, the survey by the Pew Research Center found.

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Facebook Dumps Bing in Search Box | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

Bye-bye, Bing.

Both Facebook and Microsoft officials have confirmed that the social networking giant has officially dropped Bing from its search results. Type in a word or phrase into Facebook's search bar, and you'll no longer be given the option to search for your query on Bing.

That's not to say that Microsoft and Facebook are splitting up for good, though. They'll still work together in other ways, just not with Facebook's search capabilities.

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Another demonstration in illogical thought by Blog for Iowa

The suppository of progressive nonsense that is Blog for Iowa has done it again.

In their latest post, authored by Paul "I lack rational thought" Deaton, office product retailer Staples is bashed for making changes and adapting to the current business environment.   But given a pass for failing to adapt to today's business environment, is the United States Post Office!  Deaton even tries to float the old, tired, but very bogus "We need more funding" argument in support of business as usual for the USPS.

It's illogical to slam one organization for making changes with the times, while making a plea to save old school thought that is failing for another organization.

Here's the link to the illogical post for your review:  http://www.blogforiowa.com/2014/06/30/labor-update-staples-boycott/

Johnson County Supervisor Rod Sullivan feeds you just enough information - to keep you in the dark

It's his M.O., it's what he does, spoon feed you just enough information to keep you stupid.  He can pretend he's being open and 'factual', but what he's really doing is manipulating reality.  It's an image thing, an agenda thing.  He wants you to believe in the falsehood that's he's on the up-and-up, but what he's really doing is keeping you in the dark. 

From Sullivan's information omissive blog, Sullivan's Salvos

*Property Tax Rates
It is campaign season in Johnson County. That means you are going to hear many half-truths. For example, lots of people like to lie about property tax rates in Johnson County, claiming, “they are some of the highest in the country!”
Wrong! Here are the facts - 43 Iowa Counties have higher property tax rates than Johnson County, ranking Johnson 44 out of the 99 counties. (Source: Iowa State Association of Counties.)        
Elections do not give people license to lie about the facts. When somebody tells you your property tax rates are high, I hope you will set them straight. 

Sullivan is right, elections do not give people license to lie about the facts, and yet that's exactly what he's done here by omission.  He intentionally misleads people with a half-truth, half a calculation. 

Sullivan is spinning the very legitimate argument that property taxes in Johnson County are the highest in the state.  It's about what people are paying out of their pocket.  But Sullivan wants to distract you with a rate chart. 

Sullivan wants to point you to a chart done by the Iowa State Association of Counties.   It lays out the property tax rates for all Iowa Counties and Johnson County does in fact rank pretty much in the middle of the pack for all Iowa Counties.   The problem is, the chart does NOT factor in home values......  And Sullivan KNOWS this, yet fails to acknowledge it in making his argument.  It's a blatant manipulation of reality.

A person with a three bedroom home in Johnson County is going to pay far more in taxes than a person with the same exact three bedroom home in Story County (Ames).  Why?  Because of inflated house values.  Sullivan KNOWS this, but doesn't admit it - he's trying to keep you in the dark.

Reality:  Johnson County taxpayers rank highest in the state on the “median property taxes paid,” at $2,702 per home. This is 195th highest nationally and is enough to rank in the top 10 percent of all U.S. counties. Johnson is followed by Dallas and Polk Counties (greater Des Moines area) on this ranking.

Source:  http://taxfoundation.org/

The Tax Foundation gives you the WHOLE truth, not a half.  The information Sullivan is trying to feed you with his Iowa State Association of Counties rate chart isn't untruthful, but it's only half a story, an incomplete formula, part of a recipe.  The lie comes in how Sullivan is using it to try and convince you that property taxes in Johnson County aren't high.

Johnson County Supervisor Rod Sullivan, once again, is full of crap.  

Johnson County Auditor’s Office Starts Blog to Engage with Johnson County Residents

In an effort to find new ways to get the word out about elections in the Johnson County area. The Auditor’s Office will be posting a weekly blog at http://jcauditor.blogspot.com/. This will allow the Auditor’s Office to engage with the entire Johnson County community about a variety of different topics regarding elections. The first post talks about proposed legislation that would allow for electronic storage of voter registration forms and save us thousands per year. Enjoy!

Blog For Iowa Promoting a Hit Piece Being Aired by Al Jazeera America

Blog For Iowa will sink to any level in their efforts to try and paint any and all Republicans in a negative light, as if they're all inherently evil (and Democrats can do no wrong).  There's no honor in what Blog For Iowa tries to do.  There's no such thing as fair and balance in their posts.

Their latest is to promote a blatant hit piece being aired by none other than Al Jazeera, the propaganda network, you know, the anti-American network that bought up Al Gore's liberal Current TV for $500 million last year to get a foot in the American TV door.   If you'll recall, Al started his network with the claim of, the corporate media suffocates the free flow of ideas.  

Al Gore is a complete hypocrite and Blog For Iowa is pathetic.


Johnson County Supervisor believes in bigger, more intrusive government, more dependency

From his blog, Sullivan's Salvos, his own words:

"Most of the best anti-poverty programs are federal. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, school lunches, Section 8 housing and many other federal programs are proven to be effective anti-poverty measures. Sure, each of these programs has had its problems, but the successes number in the hundreds of millions! The national media likes to pretend these programs do not work. Nothing could be further from the truth. We should support these programs – not just their maintenance, but their expansion."

Rod Sullivan, a man who has forgotten what the world is like outside his little realm of government, wants more people on Medicare, more people on Medicaid, on Food Stamps, on *Free* and Reduced School Lunches, on Section 8 housing assistance.

Blog for Iowa promoting a petition of censorship... If they don't like your free speech, they move to squash it

CORALVILLE COURIER EDITOR'S NOTE: Here's the latest garbage from Blog for Iowa, a progressive blog that pushes progressive harm. They want to tell a newspaper to squash legitimate and reasoned opposition to the human caused global warming nonsense.  And go ahead and try to comment on Blog for Iowa with your opposing point of view.  Your polite, well-reasoned argument/statement won't be made public.

Tell The Des Moines Register: Stop Promoting Climate Change Denial

The Los Angeles Times recently announced a common-sense policy of refusing to publish letters to the editor that deny climate change. But unfortunately, among major newspapers, the L.A. Times stands out as an exception.

Many newspapers around the country either frequently run letters to the editor that promote climate change denial, or don’t have an explicit policy against doing so. Unfortunately, that includes the paper I read most often — the Des Moines Register.

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Dave Bradley of Blog for Iowa writes funny

By Mike Thayer

More nonsense from Blog for Iowa and brickhead Dave Bradley.  His latest is titled, Branstad Counts Funny, a complaint about how many jobs have been created in Iowa since Branstad took back the governor's seat. 

Check out some of the nonsense Bradley wrote: 

"The Governor’s Office has been peddling a number above 160,000 for jobs the administration claims have been created on the Governor’s watch. The best explanation for that number that we have found is that … well … there isn’t one."

The line Bradley put in italics, is flat out misinformation.  According to Iowa Workforce Development, 163,500 jobs have been created since Branstad took office in January 2011.  For Bradley to claim there's no explanation for that number is completely false. 

That number - 163,500 jobs - is the gross number of jobs that have been created since Branstad took office.  It's a real number and there's nothing at all wrong with touting the number of jobs created.  Barack Obama has touted the number of jobs created at the national level, did you see Bradley cry foul about that?  Hell no.  Now to be fair, some jobs have been lost since Branstad took office as well.  If you subtract the number of jobs lost from the number of jobs created - approximately 104,000 - you get a net jobs growth of 56,600.   That's the number you want to look at.  Both sets of numbers are available at the Iowa Workforce Development website.  The Governor's Office has acknowledged both sets of numbers, the gross job creation and the net job growth.  Bradley knows this, yet he claims,

"The Governor’s Office has been peddling a number above 160,000 for jobs the administration claims have been created on the Governor’s watch. The best explanation for that number that we have found is that … well … there isn’t one."

I just gave you the explanation of the numbers, something Bradley is totally capable of doing but refused to.  Bradley framed it the way he did only because a net job growth number of 56,000 is far short of the 200,000 jobs created in five years Branstad campaigned on.  Did Branstad distinguish between gross jobs created and net job growth in issuing that pledge?  No, and why would he?  Nobody can predict how many jobs will be lost.  No politician would, not a Republican, not a Democrat. 

So Bradley wants to play a game, but here's where he misses the mark with his attack.   We have very real job growth now with a Republican in Terrace Hill, that we DID NOT have with Chet Culver, a Democrat.  Reasonable folks see the job growth with Branstad in charge for what it is, a very real positive.  Instead of just giving credit where credit is due, or even just not saying anything at all about this issue, Bradley seems to think getting petty and negative with what is a very good thing will get him somewhere.  

Here's what Bradley *forgot* to include in his article: 

Iowa’s unemployment rate of 4.9 percent is about two-thirds of the national rate of 7.3 percent.

The state's unemployment rate when Branstad assumed office in January 2011 was 6.1 percent.  The current rate in Iowa - to repeat - is now 4.9 percent.  Clearly, Branstad's approach to the economy is better than Culver's was.

Bottom line:  The labor force has grown since Branstad took office.   That's a good thing.  There are more people employed in Iowa now, than when Democrat Chet Culver last sat in the Governor's chair.  That's a positive.  There are fewer people on unemployment now, than when Culver was in office.  That is called progress my friends and Dave Bradley wants to poo-poo it, and ONLY because Branstad is a Republican.  Know that if a liberal was sitting in the Governor's seat with these same numbers, Bradley would be tooting his horn!

Reasonable people don't care about the nuances of gross jobs created vs. net job growth.  All they care about is more jobs being created and a falling unemployment rate.  More people working and getting a paycheck is what matters.......  except to petty people like David Bradley that is....  Again, he's only whining about this because it's a Republican in Terrace Hill demonstrating success.  Bradley isn't man enough to give credit where credit is due if it's a Republican with a positive.

Here's the key thing to take away from this, Bradley wasn't on the up-and-up with his readers.  He left pertinant information out of his article and more importantly, he claimed information wasn't to be found when it clearly was.  The Iowa Workforce Development website posts both the gross jobs created and net job growth:  http://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LASST19000003.

Bradley knows that.

Dave Bradley of Blog for Iowa writes funny, his rants are laughable. 

Facebook Is No Longer The Most Popular Social Network For Teens - Yahoo Finance

Twitter has overtaken Facebook as the social media network that is most important to teens, according to Piper Jaffray's semi-annual teen market research report.

Twitter is the new king of teens, with 26% naming it as their "most important" social site. Only 23% said Facebook was most important, down from a high of 42%.

But Twitter should not become complacent, the report suggests. That's because Instagram has rocketed in popularity with teens. 23% said Facebook-owned Instagram was their No.1 choice, up from 12% a year ago.

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