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Harreld dicusses challenges

The Daily Iowan sat down with University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld last week to discuss his first 10 months at the UI, what he’s worked on, and what he’s planning for the future.

The Daily Iowan: We can just start off; if there’s anything you want to say or start off with. If not, that’s OK, but I just thought I’d let you, if there’s anything you want to say.

Bruce Harreld: Well, just the obvious, it’s a great time of year. It’s the renewal of life on campus.


Second Thoughts on Bias Response Teams

For months, officials at the University of Iowa have been saying that they would launch a Bias Assessment and Response Team this fall. Such teams exist at many other colleges and universities and typically use the acronym BART.

Many advocates for minority students have pushed for the creation of BARTs, and the Black Student Union at Iowa reviewed and approved the idea of starting one.

But on Thursday, the university's chief diversity officer, Georgina Dodge, announced a change of course. The university will not be unveiling a BART at the start of the academic year, she said. Rather, it will respond to criticism of the BARTs elsewhere by creating a model that would not in any way intrude on faculty members' academic freedom.

"We have seen that the ways BARTs are functioning at some other institutions are not effective, and we want to build a better BART," she said.


University of Iowa to lay off Meyer

A former University of Iowa top Athletic Department administrator will be laid off in September following her reassignment a few years ago and a lawsuit against the UI.

Court documents filed Wednesday said Jane Meyer, the logistical strategist and project manager in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, will no longer be employed by the UI effective Sept. 9.


UI students face tuition increases

Tuition will go up for all University of Iowa students this coming academic year, but by just how much remains uncertain.

In December, the state Board of Regents approved a $200 tuition increase for resident undergraduates and a $502 increase for nonresident undergrads to take effect at the start of the fall semester.


University of Iowa ponders effect of AAUP sanction

Following the placement of the University of Iowa on a national sanctions list, UI officials say they are not taking the announcement lightly.

The sanction came from the American Association of University Professors in response to the process the state Board of Regents followed in hiring UI President Bruce Harreld. AAUP cannot target the regents, so the sanction was set against the university.


Prof association sanctions UI over Harreld

Issues with the state Board of Regents’ hiring process of Bruce Harreld as the University of Iowa president have landed the school on a national professor association’s sanctioned list.

“The University of Iowa is found to have carried out its presidential search in a way that failed to comply with AAUP policies on shared governance,” said UI Clinical Professor Lois Cox, a member of the American Association of University Professors.


Police: Iowa Student Lied About Being Victim of Hate Crime - ABC News

A black University of Iowa student lied about being the victim of a hate crime and was actually an aggressor during several drunken fights that began inside a bar, police said Tuesday.

Marcus Owens, 19, told police that he was attacked in an alley April 30 by three white men who hurled racial slurs and beat him, damaging his eye socket, knocking out his front teeth and cutting his lips. The claim stoked safety concerns and exposed minority students' distrust of university leaders.

But a two-week investigation by Iowa City Police found that a heavily intoxicated Owens was an instigator during several altercations that began inside the Eden Lounge early May 1 and continued in downtown streets.


Some graduations may not shake out

CORALVILLE COURIER EDITOR'S NOTE: Oh look! It's the Class of Whiners - 2016!

University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld may see a lot of rejection at this year’s graduation ceremonies.

A movement is spreading around campus that asks seniors to not shake Harreld’s hand as they receive their diplomas at College of Liberal Arts & Sciences commencement on Saturday.