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Willowwind School

WillowwindImagine a classroom where children are engaged in animated discussions, where multi-age groups work together to create a science project, where partners interview each other for a writing assignment, where learning takes place outside of the building as well as inside. All of this and more happen at Willowwind School both in our Montessori-style preschool as well as in our Kindergarten through Sixth grade classrooms.

Willowwind School uses small class sizes to tailor instruction for students. Differentiated instruction provides support for each student's individual needs. Rigorous academic offerings include Singapore math, hands-on science, and Spanish. Art and music are part of a strong arts tradition at our school. Willowwind's interdisciplinary approach enables students to learn at a conceptual level. Experienced teachers engage students in meaningful instruction interacting with curriculum that is both relevant and challenging.

At Willowwind School, learning is accomplished through membership in a community. Classes are multi-age and students and teachers work together to form cross-grade partnerships in a caring, purposeful community of learners.

950 Dover Street | Iowa City, IA 52245 | 319.338.6061 |


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