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Critics Say Kerry’s Israel Speech Could Backfire on Obama Administration - WSJ

CORALVILLE COURIER EDITOR'S NOTE: John Kerry is an ignorant, arrogant liberal ass, who has no real clue what damage he is doing to U.S., Israeli relations. The man is a complete boob, an idiot, an absurd fool.

WASHINGTON—John Kerry’s speech on the Mideast peace process has drawn an exceptionally sharp reaction in Washington, with lawmakers in both parties warning it could further inflame the fraught state of the relations between Israel and the Palestinians that the secretary of state described.

Some top Democrats including incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) said the speech, which attempted to defend and preserve President Barack Obama’s approach to resolving the conflict, could yield the opposite effect, leading to an unraveling of the long-held push for a two-state solution.

“While he may not have intended it, I fear Secretary Kerry, in his speech and action at the United Nations, has emboldened extremists on both sides,” Mr. Schumer said in a statement late Wednesday.


Berlin attack: Police uncertain detained suspect drove lorry - BBC News

German police say they are unsure if a man they have in custody was behind Monday's lorry attack in Berlin that killed 12 and wounded 48 others.

"It is in fact uncertain whether that really was the driver," Berlin police head Klaus Kandt said on Tuesday.

The man detained, who has denied involvement, arrived in Germany from Pakistan at the end of last year.

He was captured in a park 2km away after reportedly fleeing the popular Christmas market in west Berlin.

Mrs Merkel has vowed to punish those responsible for the Berlin attack "as harshly as the law requires".


Trump Plan to Move Embassy From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem Poses Challenges - NBC News

Donald Trump's pledge to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem poses monumental challenges in one of the world's most tense environments, according to experts.

Relocating the diplomatic outpost to the holy city is "a very big priority" for the president-elect, aide Kellyanne Conway told radio host Hugh Hewitt earlier this week.


US says China will return underwater drone; Trump slams Beijing over incident -

Washington (CNN) China has agreed to return the US underwater drone that it seized in international waters earlier this week, the Pentagon said Saturday.

"We have registered our objection to China's unlawful seizure of a US unmanned underwater vehicle operating in international waters in the South China Sea. Through direct engagement with Chinese authorities, we have secured an understanding that the Chinese will return the UUV to the United States," Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said in a statement.
Details were not immediately available on when or how the drone may be returned.
Earlier, China's defense ministry said authorities had decided to return it, but criticized the US for having "hyped up" the issue. President-elect Donald Trump weighed in on the incident, calling China's action "unprecedented."


U.S., China in Talks Over Seizure of Drone in South China Sea, Officials Say - WSJ

BEIJING—China’s seizing of an American underwater drone in the South China Sea marks an escalation of its efforts to block U.S. naval surveillance and likely reflects rising Chinese concern about the U.S. tracking Beijing’s submarines.

The Pentagon said the drone was gathering oceanographic data near the Philippines when the Chinese navy captured it in international waters on Thursday. Though the Pentagon described it as an unclassified operation, defense experts said the U.S. increasingly uses data from such drones to help track foreign submarines and navigate U.S. subs.

“These drones appear to be most directly relevant to anti-submarine warfare,” said M. Taylor Fravel, a maritime security expert at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They could help the U.S. Navy “to fine-tune sonar readings and thus track Chinese subs,” he said, though it is difficult to interpret this incident without knowing what other vessels were in the area.


China 'seriously concerned' after Donald Trump questions 'one China' policy -

Beijing (CNN) China has warned that it's "seriously concerned" after President-elect Donald Trump questioned whether the United States should keep its long-standing position that Taiwan is part of "one China."

Trump has signaled a willingness to confront Beijing, and his latest comments in an interview with Fox News suggested that he won't hesitate to anger China until the country comes to the bargaining table on trade and North Korea.


Trump’s Phone Call With Taiwan President Sparks China Complaint - WSJ

BEIJING—A call between U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen is shaking delicate relations between Beijing and Taipei and threatening to place the U.S. in the middle of a relationship it has been careful not to upset.

China said it had lodged a formal complaint with the U.S., and Taiwan urged China to stay calm a day after Mr. Trump broke diplomatic protocol by speaking by phone with Taiwan’s leader.

“We must point out, there’s is only one China in the world and Taiwan is an inseparable part of Chinese territory,” read a statement posted on the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s website Saturday afternoon.


Cuban exiles: Crowds flood streets of Little Havana to cheer Fidel Castro's death -

Miami (CNN) News of Fidel Castro's death was quick to reach Miami, the center of the Cuban exile community, where an outpouring of emotion brought jubilant crowds onto the streets of Little Havana.

Some popped champagne corks, others clanged pots and waved the Cuban flag as they cheered the death of a man who defined the lives of so many Cubans through decades in exile in the United States.


Mosul offensive: Swathes of territory recaptured from ISIS -

Near Mosul, Iraq (CNN) A suicide car bomb, sowing panic as it plows toward Peshmerga positions. An ISIS fighter who ambushes Kurdish troops from a concealed tunnel before blowing himself up.

These were the early indications of how dedicated and single-minded Mosul's ISIS occupiers can be -- and how bloody and grinding Iraq's battle to liberate Iraq's second-largest city may prove.
As dawn broke Tuesday, the second day of the battle for Mosul, a diverse coalition of Iraqi Security Forces troops, Kurdish Peshmerga allies and thousands of Iraqi irregulars gritted their teeth and prepared to again meet militant forces in the dusty scrubland outside the city.


Battle for Mosul: Iraqi forces inflict losses on ISIS -

Near Mosul, Iraq (CNN) Iraq's military says it has inflicted "heavy losses of life and equipment" on ISIS in a district southeast of Mosul, as Iraqi-led forces close in on the city in the long-awaited battle to recapture it from the terror group.

Hours after Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the beginning of the offensive, Iraq's military said it had inflicted losses and made advances in the Hamdaniya district.
Announcing the offensive in a televised statement early Monday morning, al-Abadi said "the victory bell has rung" in the massive mission to retake the key city, Iraq's second largest, and free more than 1 million residents from the "brutality and terrorism of ISIS."