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Inflation data points to firming economy | Reuters

CORALVILLE COURIER EDITOR'S NOTE: It would be foolish to take the establishment media story below at face value. Have you been to the grocery store lately?

(Reuters) - A gauge of underlying inflation showed signs of stabilizing in May after a long decline, a potential comfort to Federal Reserve policymakers who want firmer prices.

Other data on Tuesday showed an increase in groundbreaking at home construction sites, the latest sign America's housing market recovery will help counter the drag on the economy from government austerity.


Don't Believe The Hype, Inflation Is Alive And Kicking Consumers - Forbes

A good doctor will not simply make a diagnosis based on measurements. The symptoms and complaints expressed by the patient are at least as important in making a determination as the data provided by diagnostic tools. When the data says one thing and the symptoms continuously say another, it makes sense to question the reliability of the instruments.


Inflation angst evaporates in race for returns | Reuters

CORALVILLE COURIER EDITOR'S NOTE: These so-called experts and the establishment media are lying to you. Printing money to pay bills is NOT a good thing! History SHOWS us that it only leads to one thing.... Hard times ahead.

(Reuters) - For all the trillions of dollars-worth in new money that central banks are printing, financial markets seem to be signaling that fears of rampant global inflation are unfounded.

Over the past month, investors have devoured virtually any fixed income securities on offer, from the U.S. Treasury to tech giant Apple, debt-laden euro sovereigns Italy or Slovenia and even debut bonds from exotic African countries like Rwanda.


Fed doves play down threat of U.S. inflation | Reuters

(Reuters) - Federal Reserve policymakers went out of their way on Saturday to play down the risk that aggressive measures to bolster the U.S. economy would lead to inflation in the future, in a clear signal of support for its ongoing actions to spur growth.

The U.S. central bank last month maintained a controversial program of buying $85 billion of bonds a month, while pledging to keep interest rates near zero until unemployment hits at least 6.5 percent, so long as inflation stays under 2.5 percent.


The divergence between CPI and PCE prices: An unusual good news inflation story | The Economist

Consumer spending has been surprisingly resilient in the face of a sharp rise in taxes and, more recently, higher petrol prices. It rose 0.3% (after inflation) in both January and February, the government reported this morning, and looks likely to rise at a 3% annual rate in the first quarter, a major reason many first quarter GDP growth estimates now top 3%.


Why gasoline prices are headed even higher

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Gasoline prices at the pump have climbed every day for the past 21 days — and they’re not going to let up anytime soon.  

On Thursday, the average U.S. price for a gallon of regular gasoline stood at $3.555, making it the most expensive average ever for that day and the highest level since Oct. 26 of last year, according to AAA. See AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report.

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HyVee running sale, good opportunity to build your food reserve

By Mike  Thayer

So I was in HyVee today to pick up a few things, some lettuce, green onions, a newspaper......  And noticed they've got a $1 sale going on. 

As regular readers know, I always pick up an extra can of green beans, a small bag of rice, or something along those lines to build up my food reserve.   This can be for emergency situations, unexpected company, to give to a neighbor in a time of need.

Items of possible interest, all for $1 each:

  • Jiffy corn muffin mix
  • Jiffy pizza crust mix
  • HyVee pasta sauce
  • Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix

Other items of interest, not necesarily for building a food reserve/emergency stash: 

  • Butter Kernel corn or green beans - 2/$1
  • HyVee one step russet potatoes - a five pound bag for just 88 cents
  • HyVee cereal - 4/$5
  • HyVee eggs, 12 count - $1

Enjoy a great tasting meal tonight and build your food reserves with GoFoods Global

Gofoods_global_logoFolks, you've been hearing me talk about the need to buy food, gold, and guns for quite some time now... Some call it paranoid, others call it prudent. About a year ago I shopped around for sources of food with a long shelf life to build up my family's reserves.  After checking out companies, prices, packing methods, delivery, cost and most importantly, taste - I recommend you check out GoFoods Global.  

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Just click here and you can soon enjoy truly wonderful meals.  In my humble opinion, they are the highest quality food reserves on the planet.

Enjoy the meals, share the meals, save the meals.  Giving you a heads up on the best food storage plan on the planet is the least I can do for you.  These meals are reasonably priced, easy to prepare, easy to store, and most importantly easy to enjoy! 

Mike Thayer, Publisher