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Briarwood Health Care Center accepts Medicare and private insurance, providing a service to those who are recovering from a sudden illness or surgery. Each patient is evaluated by a team of nursing and therapy staff to create an individualized plan of care. The goal is to assist the resident in returning to the highest level of functioning possible.

Rehabilitation Services...

  • 24-Hour Nursing Services
  • IV Meds
  • Wound Care
  • On-site Therapy


  • Customized Nutrition Services
  • Physician Visits

Long Term Care

For those who are no longer able to care for themselves, the transition from home to a new place can be difficult. Briarwood Health Care Center eases this transition by getting to know each resident and incorporating cultures, family history and personal interests into daily care.

Long Term Services:

  • 24-Hour Nursing Services
  • On-site Physician Visits

Family Practice

  • Restorative and Exercise Programs
  • Customized Nutrition Services
  • Insurance Billing
  • Hospice Services

Respite Care

Caring for a loved one is a big responsibility. Often families will postpone trips out of town for fear of leaving a family member unattended. Briarwood Health Care Center offers short-term stays to put families at ease while on vacation. While at Briarwood respite residents can enjoy all the activities, outings and events of long term residents while receiving the care and supervision needed.

Because LIFE has Seasons…….

The first day of school, graduation, marriage, kids, grandkids, retirement, it all happens so fast. In the midst of baseball games, vacations and doing the laundry unexpected illnesses or surgery could leave a family with difficult decisions to make. Briarwood Health Care Center is here to help, offering a variety of services to meet patient and family needs.

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Iowa City, IA 52246
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Therapy Solutions, Inc. > Cedar Rapids

Therapy SolutionsYou & your loved one's safety come first!

Living alone at a certain age can become difficult, so let us ease your burden by helping you or your relative on a daily basis in the comfort of their own home, so they can keep their independence!The tender care you need

We have a number of trained professionals who are prepared to help you or your loved one with in home care. From nurses to home health aides, we will find the right helper to fit your needs!

Services that make life easy

We can give you or your relative all of the care services they require! We offer help with medications, dressing, bathing, nutrition, and so much more! Sign up for our services today!

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Contact Name: Angie Nowak
Address: 3315 1st Ave., SE, Cedar Rapids,  IA   52402
Phone: 319-861-3322