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Traffic Control for the St. Jude’s Sweet Corn Festival

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – The St. Jude Church Corporation will be holding their Sweet Corn Festival Friday, August 11, 2017, 5:00 p.m. to August 13, 2017, 7:00 p.m.

For traffic and pedestrian safety purposes, the City Traffic Engineering Division will approve temporary “No Parking” signs, meeting City specifications, to be placed along the following streets for this event:  

-The east side of Julia Anne Drive NW from 1st Avenue to Sue Lane NW

-The south side of Sue Lane NW from Clive Drive NW to Edgewood Road NW

-The east side of Clive Drive NW from 12th Avenue SW to Sue Lane NW

-The north side of 1st Avenue West from Edgewood Road NW to Julia Anne Drive NW

-The west side of Auburn Drive SW from 1st Avenue SW to 12th Avenue SW

-The south side of Franbrook Terrace NW from Edgewood Road NW to 1st Avenue NW

-The north side of 2nd Avenue SW from Auburn Drive SW to Clive Drive SW

-The south side of Ravenwood Terrace NW from Edgewood Road NW to 29th Street NW

-The south and west side of Roxbury Drive NW from Wiley Blvd NW to 1st Avenue NW

-The east side of Josephine Lane NW from Sue Lane NW to Dennis Drive NW

Please see the St. Jude Church Corporation website for additional information:


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