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Bachelor on the Cheap: Hot Pockets Suck

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

It's been quite some time since I've eaten a Hot Pocket.  I used to eat them quite a bit back in my military days....  Frozen food + microwave = dorm food. 

20170809_074427So while shopping at Costco the other night and looking for something that was quick and convenient to prepare, a 'to go' kind of meal for busy days, I saw that Hot Pockets were on sale with a $3 instant rebate.  A package of 17 Hot Pockets for $12, that's less than $1 a meal!  So I bought a box, pepperoni pizza flavor.

I wish I hadn't.  Hot Pockets suck.  While the filling is OK, the crust is just terrible!  My first bite, mostly crust, was very dry and 'herbally' overpowering.  Nestle, the maker of Hot Pockets, must have tampered with the recipe, because the pepperoni pizza Hot Pocket of today doesn't taste near as decent as I remember from back in my military days.  The description on the package says, "garlic buttery crust"...  It's anything but, it's herbal and dry, far from garlic and buttery.  In fact, after taking a few bites of that first Hot Pocket in years, I broke out the butter and melted some into that crust to rid the thing of such dry bites!

Now I'm stuck with 16 pepperoni pizza Hot Pockets in my freezer that I don't want to eat.  I'll reach for other frozen items to dine on before I pull out another Hot Pocket.   They may be cheap, they may be convenient (a meal from the microwave in about 3 minutes), but they just don't taste good, the dry herbal crust kills it.

If you're looking for a quick, cheap, decent 'to go' food to prepare at home, don't look for Hot Pockets to satisfy you!  There's a reason Costco is offering a $3 instant rebate on Hot Pockets.....  Not enough people are buying them otherwise.





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