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How Seattle's Minimum-Wage Disaster Hurts Those It's Meant To Help

Minimum Wage: When Seattle embarked on its progressive path to force up the minimum wage in the city, the results were predictable: Those it was intended to help would be hurt the most. Will policy-makers never learn?

It's both sad and tragic, but even policies passed with the best of intentions can hurt those they're intended to help. So it is with Seattle's minimum wage.

Last August, we asked: "What will happen when Seattle raises its minimum to $15 an hour in 2017? It could get ugly."

Unfortunately, we were right. Economists at the University of Washington looked at the recent increases in Seattle's minimum from $9.47 to $11 an hour in 2015 to $13 an hour in 2016.

Their findings are devastating for supporters of a higher minimum wage.

via www.investors.com


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