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Why are some people so mad at a president who is actually doing what he said he would do?

Demonstration, protests, violence, lawsuits, the mainstream media telling lies about what really is, all because of Donald Trump?

The guy is only doing what he said he would do on the campaign trail, so what's with up with all the left-headed, immature reaction?

I think it's refreshing to have a president actually fulfill some campaign promises, to do as he said he would do.

After Donald Trump took office on January 20, silly women dressed up as vaginas, under the guise of women's rights being denied and oppressed. 

I ask you, "What rights are being denied, where's the so-called oppression of women?"

Donald Trump isn't doing any such thing.  No rights are being denied, there's no oppression going on.

Left-headed protesters created havoc in Washington and elsewhere on Inauguration Day.  Vehicles were burned, business windows were smashed, bricks were thrown at law enforcement. 

Remember when Republicans burned vehicles, smashed windows and tried to hurt law enforcement officers after Obama got elected?  I don't either.  Why not?  Because that kind of thing didn't happen.    The Democrat party, which claims to be the party of tolerance, is anything but.

Cheesy left-headed lawyers are trying to sue President Trump for the actions he's taken since occupying the Oval Office.  That this action is nothing but sour grapes is obvious.  It's whining, it's throwing a temper tantrum.  Left-heads didn't get their way so now they're going low road.

Hey left-heads, you LOST, accept the consequences!

Then there's the mainstream media, which is trying to unjustly tarnish President Trump any way they can.

The executive order putting tougher restrictions on the vetting process for people trying to come into the United States from terrorist countries is being labeled as, "A ban on Muslims."  It's anything but.  It's a security vetting, not a 'religious' vetting.  There's not a religious word in the order.  What the mainstream media is doing is feeding you propaganda and in many instances, flat out lies.

The left-headed people are manufacturing turmoil, they're making things up.

Why are they doing that?

Only because they don't like having a non-Democrat in the White House.  It's not a matter of right or wrong for left-heads, it's strictly a matter of party for them.  The honor of doing what's right be damned.

Donald Trump is performing with honor, doing what he said he would do, Donald Trump is a man of his word.   Too bad left-heads can't practice that same principle.

~ Maurice Edwards, Cedar Rapids


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