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Carb-Check Diet: Eat any kind of fish you want, just not breaded or battered

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

I used to look up carb counts on the internet or read the packaging for each and every food item I prepared and ate.    When putting something on the grill or in a frying pan for example, I would read the packaging or look on the internet for the serving size and carb count.  Writing those numbers down, I would then do some math to get a carb count total for all foods consumed at meal time.  That carb count research got tedious at times, but now I've got some great data to share!

You don't have to look up carb counts one-at-a-time, I've done all that work for you!

Find carb counts for meat, fish, dairy, veggies, fruits, right here on

And if you don't see the carb count for a food you want to eat listed here, it's not listed for a reason - the carb count is too high, don't eat it!

Fish and shellfish are excellent sources of protein.  You can eat just about any kind of fish and not have to worry about blowing up your carb count.   Most shellfish by the very nature of their diet, tend to carry more carbs than fish.  The only real rule of thumb here, don't eat fish that's been breaded or battered.

Carb Count:  Fish & Shellfish

Item Serving Size Carb Count (in grams)
Anchovies, canned in oil 6 oz. 0
Bass, all varieties 6 oz. 0
Catfish, all varieties 6 oz. 0
Clams, canned or fresh 2 oz. 3
Cod 6 oz. 0
Crab 6 oz. 0
Crawfish 6 oz. 1
Eel 6 oz. 0
Flounder 6 oz. 0
Grouper 6 oz. 0
Halibut 6 oz. 0
Herring, cured 2 oz. 0
Herring, pickled 2 oz. 5.4
Lobster 6 oz. 1.8
Mackerel 6 oz. 0
Mahi-mahi 6 oz. 0
Mussels 2 oz. 4
Oysters 2 oz. 6
Perch 6 oz. 0
Salmon, canned, fresh, smoked 6 oz. 0
Sardines, canned, in oil 6 oz. 0
Sardines, canned in tomato sauce 6 oz. 0.8
Scallops 6 oz. 4
Shrimp 6 oz. 3
Squid 6 oz. 6.5
Tilapia 6 oz. 0
Trout, all varieties 6 oz. 0
Tuna, canned or fresh 6 oz. 0
Walleye 6 oz. 0



Jeff Kaufmann re-elected as chairman of Iowa Republicans

Jeff Kaufmann was unanimously elected to a second full term as chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa on Saturday.

Kaufmann, a former state legislator from Wilton, will head the party through 2019 as it aids Republican candidates in the 2018 elections and works to secure Iowa’s privileged status as the first state in the nation to hold a presidential nominating contest in 2020. He was chosen by members of the Iowa GOP's state central committee.

His election comes a week after Iowa Democrats selected a new chairman, locking into place the party leadership that will guide a very state-focused 2018 campaign cycle in which the top race on the ballot will be for the governor’s office.

Kaufmann said he is aiming to raise $1 million for the party in 2017 and would invite new Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to the state to impress on her the value of Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses.

He was first elected chair in mid-2014 as the Iowa GOP sought to reorganize after a period in which Libertarian-leaning Republican activists controlled the party and left it disorganized and short of funds. During his tenure, Republicans have dominated Iowa politics, winning a presidential race, a governor’s race, two U.S. Senate races and capturing majorities in both chambers of the state Legislature.


Trump signs three more executive actions | TheHill

President Trump signed three executive actions on Saturday afternoon focusing on lobbying, a reorganization of the National Security Council and a plan to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The executive action caps off a busy first week as Trump issued a flurry of orders on ObamaCare repeal, withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and a ban on many refugees from the Middle East and Africa.

"People have been talking about this for a long time, like many years," Trump said in front of cameras in the Oval Office as he signed a memorandum dealing with the National Security Council (NSC) and Homeland Security Council.


With degree in hand, Iowa Hawkeyes' Desmond King is off to NFL

MOBILE, Ala. – Desmond King could have turned pro last year. In many ways, he was ready.

An Iowa cornerback who played his prep football at East English Village Academy, King led the Big Ten with eight interceptions in 2015 and won the Jim Thorpe Award as the nation’s best defensive back.

But when King sat down after the season to consider his options, he decided to return for his senior year for one particular reason: to get the degree he promised his mother he’d finish when he left home three years earlier.

“Getting my degree was my first priority, and that’s something I really take pride in,” King said at the Senior Bowl. “Just being the first out of my family to go to college and graduate, and also I have two degrees. I was a double major and I just graduated this past December, so that’s something I really felt that I needed to have.”


Iowa 85, Ohio State 72: 3 Takeaways, Highlights

IOWA CITY -- The Iowa men's basketball team snapped a three-game losing streak Saturday night with an 85-72 victory over Ohio State.

Here are three takeaways from the game.

1. No Jok, no problem?

OK, let’s not get too carried away. Iowa got a decisive, complete win against Ohio State on Saturday night, 85-72, and did so without star guard Peter Jok, who was out because of his back.

That does not mean, however, the Hawkeyes are better without their leading scorer.

Iowa played well because it was more active and moved the ball at a much better rate offensively. That’s happened with Jok in, but hadn't in the last three games. Fran McCaffery likely had them working hard on it this week.


Trump's ban on some U.S. entries sparks confusion and protest worldwide, and legal rebukes at home - LA Times

President Trump’s executive order suspending refugee arrivals and banning entry to the U.S. from seven Muslim-majority countries spawned chaos and consternation across the globe Saturday, stranding unwitting travelers, prompting passionate debate over American values and igniting a fierce legal pushback that yielded early court victories for the president’s opponents.

The abrupt ban ensnared people from all walks of life who were caught in transit or expecting to soon return to the U.S. — not only refugees but students on a break from studies, business travelers and scientists, tourists and concert musicians, even the bereaved who had gone home for funerals.


Will Trump's Take on Trade Be Boost or Bust for Fleets?

Candidate Donald Trump made scrapping or reworking various free trade agreements the United States is party to a central theme of his presidential campaign last year. Such rhetoric was highly popular with his supporters. And in his first full week in office, President Donald Trump has made reexamination of international trade agreements a top priority for his administration.


Iowa City Police Department issues online scam warning

The Iowa City Police Department has received three separate reports of residents being involved in an online social media extortion scam. 

In these instances, a person posing as a young female will send a friend request to a male subject using social media. Over the course of the interaction, conversations are initiated and an online relationship develops. The person, posing as a female, then convinces the victims to participate in personal actions online, which are then recorded using another social media recording application. 

After the actions are recorded, the person posing as the female, then contacts the male subject and demands monetary payment or the video images will be posted online. The investigation thus far has determined that the subject posing as a female is out of the county and most likely a male. In addition, the victims in these cases have had personal images shared with family and friends through social media.

Scam artists in the US and around the world defraud millions of people each year by using the internet to deceive victims into sending money or sharing personal information. The Iowa City Police Department reminds citizens to not share personal or confidential information with unverified contacts on social media, and not to rely on platform provided privacy. People are reminded that posting images on social media creates a record that can be referred to and shared beyond your scope of control. 

If anyone has further information related to this online scam or may be a victim, contact Iowa City Police Investigator David Gonzalez at 319-356-5275.  

U.S. Daily recommendation for carb intake is complete B.S. for most folks

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

According to our "Oh-so-wise" government, in order to maintain a healthy weight, the U.S. daily recommendation is to consume 225 - 325 grams of carbohydrates per day based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

If you're the typical American, that's horse manure.  If you're the typical American, consuming that many carbs will cause weight gain!

"So Mike," you ask......   "Define Typical American."


The typical American these days wakes up, gets ready for work, travels to work be it by car or mass transit.  Sitting at a desk makes up much of the day for many.  Standing on your feet performing light physical duties is what takes place for many others.  For most folks, regular exercise is not part of the routine, which is wake up, work, do something not really physically demanding after work, get some sleep, repeat.

That typical way of life does NOT require 225 to 325 grams of carbohydrates a day to function.

Here's a simple, general rule of thumb.  If you work out regularly, you need all those carbs.   If you don't work out regularly, you flat out don't.  The government's recommended daily intake is pretty much garbage in the real world.

A sedentary lifestyle - desk jockey, no work out - your body only needs about 135 grams in carbs to maintain body weight....  Note I said 'maintain', not lose weight.   If you want to lose weight, that carb gram intake needs to be under 60 a day.

A moderate lifestyle - standing on the job, light physical activity - your body only needs about 180 grams in carbs to maintain weight.

So what does that mean in terms of food?  Cut back on the potatoes, rice, pasta and bread.  And it's not that hard.

Consider the following:

A typical slice of bread/toast has 13 grams in carbs.  It takes two slices of bread to make a sandwich and most folks eat two pieces of toast with breakfast.  That's 26 carbs total.

A 1/2 cup of white rice comes with a carb price tag of 23 grams.

A cup of pasta as 35 grams of carbs.

A medium potato has 38 carbs.

Those are all typical serving sizes.  So follow me on this.....  You have two slices of toast/biscuit, croissant/bagle with breakfast, around 26 carbs.... Having a side of hash browns with that?  Add another 19 carbs.  Chinese stir fry and rice for lunch, 23 carbs and that doesn't count the carbs in the veggies that are part of the stir fry....  Some potato chips for an afternoon snack, let's say another 19 carbs.....  Spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, and you had two helpings along with some garlic bread....  Add another 96 carbs....    Total carb intake for the day?  A whopping 183 grams in carbs!  

For that sedentary lifestyle, you've gone over what your body ACTUALLY needs by about 50 carb grams.  Do that everyday and yes, you'll gain weight.

"But Mike," you say, "that 183 grams in carbs you laid out in a typical day is perfect for somebody with a moderate lifestyle right?"


Let's dig a little deeper into those carb counts shall we?  Did you have cream and sugar with your morning coffee?  Add at least another 5 grams in carbs....  And how many cups did you have?  Most folks don't drink just one cup.  Did you put some ketchup on those hash rounds you had with breakfast?  Add another 5 carb grams.  That cheese on that sausage, egg, cheese croissant?  Add another gram.  How about those veggies in the stir fry for lunch?  Depending on the mix, that's another 10-20 carbs.  Did you drink a regular soda or two at some point during the day?  Add another 24 grams in carbs.  Did you have a salad with that spaghetti at dinner?  Add another 10 grams in carbs.  So how many MORE carb grams do we add to the total?  Another 55 - 65 grams in carbs.

Even for the moderate lifestyle, that's at least 238 carbs, 58 grams above what a moderate lifestyle kind of person 'needs' to maintain a healthy weight.  It's a recipe for weight gain, not 'maintain.'

So how do you cut back, without finding yourself hungry between meals?  It's easier than you think.  Eat one slice of toast, not two.  Knock off 13 grams in carbs.  Switch to heavy cream for your coffee (0 grams in carbs) instead of the coffee creamer, knock off 5 more carbs.  Ditch the soda, knock off 24 more grams in carbs.  Don't have that second helping of spaghetti, having a bigger salad instead, knock off 25 more grams in carbs.  Knock off total:  67 fewer carbs.  Doing little things like that, means a better looking you!  We can talk about why the heck you're eating bread, rice, chips and pasta all in one day - you shouldn't be - at a later time.....