Defense carries Florida Gators past Iowa Hawkeyes in Outback Bowl
After ugly playoff blowouts, USC and Penn State deliver game of bowl season

In moving forward, Kirk Ferentz needs a new Offensive Coordinator, #firegregdavis

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

First off, Kudos to the Iowa Hawkeye football team, an 8-4 regular season record and another bowl game appearance is appreciated, it really is.

But as a fan, our standards are indeed higher than just a bowl appearance, we want to win one once in awhile and we haven't done so since Greg Davis became the Offensive Coordinator.

Before we get into some number crunching, let's review a little 2017 Outback Bowl Background: 

Did C.J. Beathard throw too many picks?  Yes. 

Did Kirk Ferentz keep Beathard in too long after it was clear the injured hammy was hindering performance?  Yep.

Did Offensive Coordinator Greg Davis call too many plays that made sense on paper, but did NOT make sense considering the circumstances on the field?  YES, YES, and TRIPLE YES!

And therein lies the problem.

Greg Davis may be a brilliant offensive mind, he may be excellent at drawing up a game plan, in developing a strategy to defeat the opponent, but one thing he cannot do is adapt to the conditions.  If you've ever heard some book smart vs. common sense comparison stories.....  This is a prime example.   Greg Davis is football book smart, but he's not football common sense.  He does NOT have the ability to be impromptu, to adapt.  What he works out on paper SHOULD work, but if there's any deviation to his script, the guy gets lost.   That's a problem and why Iowa hasn't won a bowl game since he's been the Offensive Coordinator.

Iowa's bowl record with Greg Davis as the Offensive Coordinator is 0-4.  That's bad.  As The Gazette reports, The Hawkeyes are the only team in the nation to lose a bowl in each of the last four seasons.  Making matters worse, three of those four losses have been blow outs.

  • 2017 Outback Bowl, a 30-3 blowout loss to Florida
  • 2016 Rose Bowl, a 45-16 blowout loss to Stanford
  • 2015 TaxSlayer Bowl, a 45-28 blowout loss to Tennesse
  • 2014 Outback Bowl, a 21-14 loss to LSU (an argument could be made that Iowa was never really in it, playing from behind the whole time)

So what was Iowa's Bowl record before Greg Davis arrived on the U of I scene you ask?  The answer is 6-4 under the Offensive Coordinator leadership of Ken O'Keefe, Davis' predecessor.  O'Keefe ironically, was also plastered at times by arm chair quarterbacks for his play calling......  But here's some food for thought:  During the O'Keefe era, just one of those bowl losses was a blowout, to USC in the 2003 Orange Bowl.   Other than that, Iowa was very competitive and remember the record, 6-4.

It doesn't matter how many picks the quarterback throws if the coordinator is calling the wrong plays.  It's perhaps WHY the quarterback is under pressure and makes the mistake.  It doesn't matter if an injured quarterback is left in the game too long, if the play calling isn't adapted to the circumstances.

The numbers don't lie, it's time for an Offensive Coordinator change if Iowa wants to move forward.  Greg Davis is now an embarrassing 0-4 in bowl games.  Prior to that, Iowa had a winning bowl record under Kirk Ferentz.   It's time for some new leadership on the offensive side of the ball.  Period.  #firegregdavis



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Having been a long time Hawkeyes fan since my youth (pre-HF era) I have to agree with you completely on this one, and I haven't been a big supporter of Davis since his first season. Although we improved as things went along, yesterday's game was just a sad, crying reminder of why the offensive coordinator position needs to be redone asap.

Thanks for the chance to air it out. Great site you have here, it's my every day go-to for local news to keep up on my former hometown. Thanks for all of your great work!

The University pays way too much money to have an offensive coordinator of that quality. Get with the times and start running the offenses of today. This isn't the 1980s. If Iowa wants revenue then listen to the fans and get it done. We pay the salary so we should have a voice. If we want to be big time then let's start acting like it. Or else quit building the multi million dollar facilities with mediocre offensive coordinators We can just be a western Illinois or eastern Kentucky.

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