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Utah Trucking Association donates more than $10,000 to fallen officers’ families | Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY — Members of the Utah Trucking Association raised and donated more than $10,000 to the families of West Valley police officer Cody Brotherson and Utah Highway Patrol trooper Eric Ellsworth.

Brotherson, 25, was killed in the line of duty on Nov. 6 while attempting to help other officers stop a fleeing vehicle.

Ellsworth, 31, was hit by a car on Nov. 18 while trying to direct other vehicles around a traffic hazard along a rural road near Garland, Box Elder County. He died Nov. 22 after several days in the intensive care unit at Intermountain Medical Center.

“As members of the trucking industry, we felt that we had an opportunity and responsibility to give back to those families who sadly lost their sons, bothers, fathers and husbands while serving their fellow men and women,” Mark Droubay, the association’s president, said in a statement.


Uber Freight goes after the trucking business | Popular Science

A truck is a means to get cargo from point A to point B. A truck is a home, a job, a frequent guest in small towns that straddle highways, a way of life, and the beating heart of several supporting industries, all designed to keep the truck and its human pilot running. A truck is expenses, a breakable machine controlled by a fallible human, subject to labor laws and rules about interstate commerce. A truck is all of those things, and it may soon be a robot, too.

Uber, the technology company (which, because of its ride-hailing app, functions a lot like a transportation company) launched Uber Freight on Monday night. The minimalist website features a gentle clip, filmed from above, of an 18-wheeler driving on a green hillside. There’s a place for carriers and shippers to give their email addresses to Uber, and links for media to contact the company. It doesn't reveal much.


Tomlin responds to Bradshaw's 'cheerleader' criticism | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has never been one to publicly take a shot at another player or coach, or even a former member of the organization.

But when it came to recent comments by former Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw, who criticized Tomlin’s coaching ability and referred to him as nothing more a “cheerleader guy,” Tomlin fired back. And he did so with a shot that was both subtle and cutting.

“Criticism and critique are very much a part of our business, and it’s an element of our business that as a competitor, I embrace,” Tomlin said Tuesday at his weekly news conference. “The term ‘great’ is something that I have a great deal of respect for. I certainly don’t think that my resume to this point reads as, ‘great.’ But very few coaches’ resumes read as that at this point. Guys like Bill [Belichick] in New England, probably, can say that, or Pop [Gregg Popovich] down in San Antonio,” referring to the coach of the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs.

“But I think the rest of us are just working stiffs, to be quite honest with you. Now that being said, terms like ‘cheerleader guy,’ to me, maybe fall outside the bounds of critique or criticism. They probably fall more toward the area of disrespect and unprofessional. But what do I know? I grew up a Dallas [Cowboys] fan. Particularly, a Hollywood Henderson fan.”



Gator defense next test for Hawkeye front five | Iowa Hawkeyes Football

TAMPA, Fla. — Another game, another challenge.

It’s just another day on the job for the lunch bucket-carrying collection of blue-collar talent on the Iowa offensive line, which faces one of its biggest tests of the season Monday in the Outback Bowl against a Florida defense which ranks among the nation’s elite.

“They’re impressive on tape,’’ Iowa lineman Ike Boettger said. “They’re very instinctive in what they do. They play physical and they play fast. If you had to put a defense together, they’ve got all the pieces you need and they fit together well.’’


Purdue Men's Basketball: No. 15 Boilers open conference season hosting Iowa

As Purdue opens Big Ten play on Wednesday, it has the opportunity to reverse a recent trend it has had against Iowa.

The No. 15 Boilermakers (11-2) play host to the Hawkeyes (8-5) at 8:30 p.m., Wednesday. The game will be televised by the Big Ten Network.

Last season, Purdue lost a pair to Iowa. In the first matchup, Iowa made a ferocious comeback and won, 70-63, in Mackey Arena. In that Jan. 2, 2016 game, then No. 14 Purdue led 37-20 at halftime, but the margin fell apart in a large part due to turnovers after then unranked Iowa used full-court pressure. In the second matchup, the Boilers lost at then No.9 Iowa, 83-71, after leading in that game, too.


Carrie Fisher Will Appear in New Family Guy Episodes: Report

Carrie Fisher‘s memory will live on in both the big screen and small as the late Star Wars actress is set to appear in two new episodes of Family Guy that she completed work for before her death.

Fisher completed voice-overs for two episodes of the animated comedy, Variety reports. Premiere dates for the episodes have not yet been been determined.

Fisher died on Tuesday at age 60 days after suffering a heart attack. Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane remembered the Star Wars heroine in a Twitter post, writing that the animated show would “miss her immensely.”


Bachelor on the Cheap: Where to buy a battery for your vehicle

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

So in the latest cold spell we had, my truck battery died.  It could no longer drum up the power to crank the engine.  May it rest in peace......

It's been quite awhile since I've had to buy a battery for a vehicle, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect when it came to prices.....

HOLY CRAP Battery Man!

For my vehicle, in a cold-weather climate and needing 850 cold cranking amps..... Here are the prices of the leading battery providers:

Interstate:  $164

AutoZone:  $134

O'Reilly Auto Parts:  $134

Sure, Interstate is perhaps the most well known, considered the top of the line, but is it?  Really?  Is Interstate's 850 cold crank amp battery really any better than anybody else's, or is it just marketing?  And then you get the two most popular auto parts stores and their respective offerings....  Gosh, can you tell there is competitive pricing there? 

Everstart 65 MaxxEnter, Walmart.

The price for Walmart's Everstart 65 Maxx, with 850 cold cranking amps, is $95.  It's got a 5 year warranty, just like all the others.

If you are going to install a battery yourself, this is a no brainer.  Walmart is the way to go.  And here's something you may not know.....  Take your old battery into the store when buying a new one, it saves you about $18 in a "core fee".  If you turn in your old battery, you won't get charged.

And if you do decide to have a service center install a battery for you, make sure they don't charge you a "core fee."  They took out the old battery and kept it.  They didn't ask you if you wanted to keep it, they didn't put it in your trunk, so don't let them charge you that fee.

Bachelor on the Cheap: Pantry Hash Over Easy

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

Hash:  A chopped mixture of cooked meat and vegetables, usually baked or browned.

And that's exactly what Pantry Hash Over Easy is, a chopped mixture of meat and vegetables, using whatever you have on hand.  This dish is easy to prepare, easy to eat and easy on the wallet.


  • 1 medium Russet potato, diced
  • 2 Tablespoons olive oil
  • 1/3 of a can of Spam, diced
  • 1/4 of a medium onion, diced
  • 1/4 of a green bell pepper, diced (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon seasoning salt
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheese (whatever you have on hand)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Heat up a sauce pan over medium heat, add one Tablespoon olive oil.  When the oil is hot, add the potato and seasoning salt.  Make sure the potatoes are evenly distributed in the pan.  Let them cook for about five minutes, do NOT stir, you want that golden brown crispy edge to develop.  In a separate pan, heat up the remaining olive oil over medium heat.  Add the Spam, onion, green pepper and garlic powder, stir occasionally, until you get some carmelization.   Flip the potatoes then add the meat and veggies from the other pan, distribute evenly, let that cook for about 2-3 minutes.  Crack the eggs over the top.  When the whites turn white, section the pan into thirds with a spatula and carefully turn the eggs over, potatoes and all.  Top with the shredded cheese and cook for about another minute.  Serve immediately.  And the beauty of hash is you don't have to limit yourself to the ingredients listed, above.  Use whatever you have on hand.  Add mushrooms if you like mushrooms.  Don't have Spam in the pantry?  No problem, use leftover ham or beef, heck, even turkey works.  Don't like green pepper?  Use some chopped carrots.  Yes, carrots can be eaten for breakfast and they're actually quite good in a hash.  Throwing together this hash is, well, 'over easy...'   Yes, pun intended!  This dish costs under $3 to prepare and for one person, there will be leftovers.  It's another dose of YUM!


Local Trucking Companies Train for Hijackings

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- This week's truck attack on a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany is raising questions about a similar tactic being used by terrorists in the U.S.  Local and national trucking companies are already addressing the issue with preventive measures against hijackings.

Wil-Trans is a Missouri Based Trucking Company that is always striving to put safety first among their drivers by training them throughout the year to ensure they can respond if an emergency were to happen.

"You always have to be on your toes. Anything can happen at anytime," explains Kem Emerizan, Wil-Trans CDL Instructor.