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Iowa poultry industry recovery continues

Iowa’s poultry industry has made significant progress recovering from the devastating impact of the highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreak that killed tens of millions laying hens in 2015.

Iowa egg production in November was 1.3 billion eggs, down slightly from October, but up 73 percent from November 2015, according to the latest chickens and eggs report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.


Tennessee rolls in Music City Bowl to beat Nebraska, 38-24

NASHVILLE – Tennessee, mythical champion of life, earned  a very tangible trophy Friday in its final appearance of the 2016 football season.

With Joshua Dobbs driving the offense and relentless Derek Barnett spearheading a revived defense, the Vols whipped Nebraska 38-24 before a sold-out Nissan Stadium crowd of 68,496 to win the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl.

"It's been a heckuva ride and I love the guys who ride with me,'' said Dobbs, the senior quarterback, who produced four touchdowns in his final collegiate game.

Dobbs ran for three touchdowns as the Vols (9-4 for a second consecutive season) crafted a 31-14 lead.


Amazon: What to Expect In 2017 |

Amazon's 2016 has been record breaking on many fronts. The company recorded its sixth consecutive quarterly profit (previously, it mostly hemorrhaged cash). Meanwhile, this year marked Amazon's growing strength in hardware with its hit Echo home automation hub Amazon Echo, and its companion voice assistant Alexa. The company has also become force in entertainment, debuting a line of hit original shows through its Amazon Video Prime service.

It's hard to imagine how Amazon could top 2016, but here are some likely moves by the Seattle-based Goliath in 2017:

1. Increased emphasis on logistics: Amazon spends billions of dollars each quarter on shipping, and those costs are rising as the company expands to deliver everything from toilet paper to TVs to customers in two days or less. To save money over the past year, Amazon has been seeking to take over more shipping duties from the likes of UPS and FedEx by leasing trucks, planes, and ships. The company is even testing drones to supplement its doorstep deliveries. Ultimately, Amazon may rely more on itself to get orders to your doorstep than ever.


Uber Freight and Amazon prepare to fight over future trucking

Trucks allow the economy to function. There would be no sprawling grocery stores, online shopping, or other businesses without this vast network of drivers criss-crossing the country. Yet many people don’t think about this industry — until now, thanks to competing initiatives from Uber and Amazon, which are both working on services to change the future of trucking.

Both companies have similar ideas. Uber has slowly launched a service called Uber Freight that connects businesses that need to ship things with truckers willing to drive them. Amazon is said to be working on a similar product, first for its own use, and then for everyone else who needs to find a way to get a product from a California warehouse to a Vermont doorstep.

Uber Freight makes sense. The company is built on connecting people with drivers, and it acquired a startup called Otto in August to build autonomous trucks capable of traversing the country’s highways without the assistance of a human driver. Uber could use the service to make shipping more convenient, teach its self-driving trucks, and usher in the era of autonomy.


Can any of the College Football Playoff teams stop Alabama Crimson Tide from another title

ATLANTA -- SEC teams aren't the only ones tired of hearing about how good Alabama is.

So are Clemson, Ohio State and Washington, the other College Football Playoff participants.

Call it Alabama fatigue. It doesn't matter the sport, professional or collegiate, when a team enjoys a run of dominance like the Crimson Tide have in college football in recent years, neutral observers develop a rooting interest in seeing the king fall.

Few teams have dominated the sport like defending national champion Alabama. The Crimson Tide have won 25 consecutive games, 15 straight against ranked foes and four of the last seven national titles.


Run-DMC Sues Wal-Mart, Amazon and Jet for $50 Million | E! News

It's tricky, all right.

Run-DMC filed a $50 million lawsuit in New York Thursday, accusing Wal-Mart, Amazon, Jet and other retailers of selling products that traded on the group's name without permission. Per NBC News, founding member Darryl "DMC" McDaniels was listed as the plaintiff in the suit.

The musician's complaint alleges that the defendants are "advertising, selling, manufacturing, promoting and distributing multiple products" in Run-DMC's trademarked name. In doing so, McDaniels says, the vendors "confuse the public as to the source of origin and endorsement of its products." The knockoffs listed include hats, glasses, patches, shirts, wallets and other items.


Hawkeyes' offense eventually made its point

TAMPA, Fla. — During a 10-minute session with reporters Thursday, Iowa offensive coordinator Greg Davis twice was asked about retirement. He didn’t quite catch the first one.

A reporter asked about true freshman quarterback Nathan Stanley and his development and what Davis plans to do with him this spring. The question was loaded on the back end and Davis blew right through it.


Critics Say Kerry’s Israel Speech Could Backfire on Obama Administration - WSJ

CORALVILLE COURIER EDITOR'S NOTE: John Kerry is an ignorant, arrogant liberal ass, who has no real clue what damage he is doing to U.S., Israeli relations. The man is a complete boob, an idiot, an absurd fool.

WASHINGTON—John Kerry’s speech on the Mideast peace process has drawn an exceptionally sharp reaction in Washington, with lawmakers in both parties warning it could further inflame the fraught state of the relations between Israel and the Palestinians that the secretary of state described.

Some top Democrats including incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) said the speech, which attempted to defend and preserve President Barack Obama’s approach to resolving the conflict, could yield the opposite effect, leading to an unraveling of the long-held push for a two-state solution.

“While he may not have intended it, I fear Secretary Kerry, in his speech and action at the United Nations, has emboldened extremists on both sides,” Mr. Schumer said in a statement late Wednesday.


Trucking Posts Job Gains

The number of trucking jobs rose in November by 2,300 jobs putting the total at 1.4555 million trucking jobs. Together, the transportation and warehousing sector gained 6,400 jobs in November.

This small increase comes as the U.S. economy continues to post more significant employment gains in other industries.

Construction jobs saw the biggest increase overall. Large gains were also posted in professional and technical services and healthcare.

The entire economy added 211,000 jobs for the month of November. Unemployment remained at 5%, the lowest level since 2008 and the benchmark set by economists for full employment.


16 new restaurants that opened in Iowa City area in 2016

Lucky for Iowa City-area foodies, a lot of new restaurants came to the area in 2016: From spicy Szechuan food to crisp fried chicken, a wide range of flavors came with these new eateries.

Here's a guide to 16 restaurants that opened in the Iowa City area in 2016 so you can either end this year with some new food or ring in 2017 at some of the area's freshest establishments.