Judge Andrew Napolitano: Is flag burning really protected speech? | Fox News
The definition of hypocrisy

Burning the U.S. Flag in protest: What a STUPID thing to do

There's been a lot of talk lately about whether or not there should be a law banishing the burning of the U.S. flag. The main arguments are these: (burn yes) Flag burning is free speech... (burn no) If you don't love the land of the free then why are you even here?

My take: No, there shouldn't be any legislation banning the burning of the U.S. flag, it is in fact, an expression of free speech like it or not. But if somebody beats the crap out of a flag burner, well I sure as hell didn't see it and neither should law enforcement..... For every action, there is a reaction. Actions have consequences folks and you really need to think things through before doing something completely hypocritical. Burning the U.S. flag is the epitome of carrying out an act in total conflict with the freedom to do so.

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