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Calling out two elected officials on their nonsense

Dear Council member Kingsley-Botchway and School Board member DeLoach,
There is no other way to describe it.  The words 'completely unreasonable' first came to mind, but it's beyond that.
Area police departments are wanting dialog and positive interaction to alleviate fears, to eliminate stereotyping, to DEVELOP community relations and what do you do?  Unreasonably poo-poo those efforts.  Making matters worse, it seems you've based your stance on the very false premise that men and women in a police uniform are inherently evil.  You've insulted every hard working law enforcement officer out there busting their proverbial butts to serve the area's metro community.
You are public officials.  Shame on you for calling police uniforms offensive, for questioning police presence in schools for some un-vetted fear that somebody had a bad experience.   More importantly, shame on you for apparently not even looking to the students themselves for the positives in these outreach programs before putting your knee-jerk reactions on public display.
Let me sum this up with a question:  Banning a positive is your answer to developing relationships?  
Again, that's bullshit. 
Mike Thayer
Publisher, Coralville Courier


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