Mike Thayer's Carb-Check Diet & Bachelor on the Cheap Bonus: Saving money at the grocery store!
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Mike Thayer's Carb-Check Diet: Don't eat this for breakfast, eat this instead!

Mike Thayer 2016By Mike Thayer

Frosted Flakes fan are 'ya? 

Stop it.

Did you know processed sugars and carbohydrates are WAY worse for you than fat?

It's true.  Sugars and bad carbs do WAY more harm to the body and contributes WAY more in weight gain than natural fat does.

Don't eat this!

Frosted FlakesA typical bowl of Frosted Flakes and 2% milk puts the following into your body:  530 calories, 94 grams of carbohydrates, 54 grams of sugar, 20 grams of protein, 10 grams of fat.  Now if you did the recommended serving size, just one cup, you could cut all those numbers in half.  But unless you're in a hospital bed, NOBODY eats just one cup of cereal with milk.  That's the serving size listed on the label on the box, but you and I both know that most everybody ends up pouring about two cups of cereal in a typical bowl for breakfast.  Look at all those carbs and sugar in that two cup serving!  Your body doesn't need all that, not even close!  But it tastes so good right?  That's the lure......


Eat this instead!

Bacon and eggsThree strips of bacon and two eggs scrambled, over easy or sunny side up puts the following nutrition into your body:  318 calories, just 2 grams in carbs, NO sugars, 21 grams in protein and 24 grams in fat.  Yes, that sounds like a lot of fat, but it's natural fat and yes, the Frosted Flakes intake of all those processed sugars and bad carbs is far worse for your body than natural fat.  Your body actually needs good fat to process normally.  It does NOT need excess carbs and sugars.  We've been told not to eat so many eggs or bacon.....   But who started that nonsense?  Cereal companies perhaps?


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