ICPD investigates robbery on Broadway Street
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Media refers to Charlotte rioters as 'protesters' or 'demonstrators'

Confusing the problem with the solution in Charlotte: Protesters who rioted in Charlotte in the wake of another police shooting are doing more harm than good to their goal of reforming police conduct, our editorial argues. No matter what happened in the shooting, and the facts are in dispute, it doesn’t justify looting and more violence. There’s plenty of blame to go around. “It's time for intellectually honest liberals to stop defending and attempting to justify or rationalize lawlessness as an acceptable response to police abuses. For news media — so often the handmaidens of leftist political fantasy — to refer to rioters as ‘protesters’ or ‘demonstrators’ when they are on camera committing violent crimes is disgraceful.” The reaction to the shooting has left one person dead, others injured and millions of dollars in property destroyed. “Most of the nation will look at the state of emergency in North Carolina and will not think better of the cause of police reform. They will, rather, rightly think the rioters contemptible.”

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