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Dodgers hold Cubs to four hits, take series

LOS ANGELES - Corey Seager has become an NL MVP Award candidate as a rookie with timely homers and a big batting average.

He made himself the difference in a game Sunday just by running hard to second base.

Brock Stewart and four relievers combined on a four-hitter and Andrew Toles scored on a fielder’s choice in the eighth inning thanks to Seager’s hustle, leading the Los Angeles Dodgers over Jon Lester and the Chicago Cubs 1-0.


Big Ten football: Five questions for 2016 | Iowa Hawkeyes Football |

Is Iowa capable of repeating its 12-0 run through regular season and winning the West again?

The chances of C.J. Beathard and Desmond King leading the Hawkeyes to another berth in the Big Ten Championship Game are realistic. No team in the division has as many key pieces returning as Iowa, which will build around a strong ground game and a defense which returns seven starters. History illustrates that another unbeaten regular season could be a challenge. The last time Iowa accomplished consecutive unbeaten seasons – 1921 and 1922.


Bears cut 10, including former Redskins fullback Darrel Young | Chicago Sun-Times

The Bears decided to explore using a two-back set this offseason, and doubled down in Bourbonnais when they signed former Redskins fullback Darrel Young to challenge Paul Lasike.

After Young was one of 10 players cut Sunday, though, it’s fair to wonder whether the Bears will play with a fullback at all.


Anthony Weiner's Twitter account disappears - POLITICO

The Twitter account for former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner is no longer active Monday, hours after the New York Post reported on another sexting scandal between the husband of Hillary Clinton adviser Huma Abedin and a woman he described as "literally a fantasy chick," according to the report.

Weiner told the Post that he and the woman “have been friends for some time," with screenshots dating back to January 2015.



Mike Thayer's Carb-Check Diet: Yes, you can still enjoy a big breakfast!

Mike Thayer 2016By Mike Thayer

Veggie egg scrambleBeing on a 'diet' doesn't mean you have to sacrifice great flavor or nutrition.  Yes, you too can eat breakfasts like bacon and eggs every day and lose weight!

Pictured right, a veggie egg scramble (mushrooms, onion, black olive) topped with American cheese and four strips of pepper bacon. What's missing? Nothing.... I used to eat something like this with a side of hash browns and toast.... but not anymore and the weight is coming off.

Combined with exercise, I'm also now just about off my high blood pressure medicine. I used to take a 40mg pill daily for that. I recently got reduced to a 10mg pill. In monitoring my blood pressure daily, I haven't taken a pill in four days now. I'm consistently at 120/80 and pulse in the '70s. Doc will be pleased and you can bet I am!

Hawkeyes have a shot at another big season | Iowa Hawkeyes |

IOWA CITY — Desmond King needed only a couple of days in January to decide. Yes, he would wait a year to become an NFL multimillionaire.

Instead of suiting up on Sundays this fall, the dynamic Iowa senior will become the first reigning winner of the Jim Thorpe Award — given annually for three decades to college football’s top defensive back — to return to the college game.

The biggest reason: The cornerback believes the Hawkeyes have another special season on the horizon.

“We have a great team coming back, a great quarterback in C.J. Beathard, a great defensive unit — in the linebackers, D-line and in the secondary,” King said. “I feel like we have a chance to change the results in Indiana.”


Southwest Flight Forced to Make Emergency Landing - ABC News

A Southwest Airlines flight from New Orleans to Orlando, Florida, was forced to make an emergency landing today in Pensacola, Florida, due to a "mechanical issue."

Photographs taken by passengers showed a large piece of one of the engines missing.

"We heard a loud boom at about 10,000 feet. Sounded like a 18 wheeler tire blowing and we started smelling smoke," passenger Stephanie Miller said.

Flight data showed that the plane descended from an altitude of 30,000 feet to 10,000 feet in just over eight minutes.

A spokesperson from the airline told ABC News that the plane, SW Flight 3472, suffered a "mechanical issue with the number one engine."


Michigan’s breakout star has no position — but all the talent | New York Post

Two years ago, Desmond Howard visited Michigan practice and left disgusted. He didn’t like what he saw. Yes, it was practice, but the effort was poor, the execution lacking. This wasn’t the Michigan the 1991 Heisman Trophy winner remembered.

The former Wolverine criticized the practice habits under then-coach Brady Hoke, and took plenty of abuse for it. But there was one positive the ESPN analyst took away with him that day. It was a true freshman named Jabrill Peppers. He shared his feelings on him, too.

“I took some flak on Twitter about that comment, and look where we are today,” Howard said in a phone interview.


Krauthammer: Now We Know Exactly Why Hillary Used a Private Server | Fox News Insider

Charles Krauthammer said that after a year of speculation and diversion, the issue of what Hillary Clinton's email scandal was about is finally clear.

"The issue we've always asked ourselves here is, why was she hiding this in the first place? Why did she have a private server? Obviously, she was concealing; what was she concealing?"

He said that the "most obvious possible answer" was the Clinton Foundation.

"Now, we're learning that exactly is what it was."

He said that the Foundation acted as a "stand-in" for a campaign while Clinton wasn't seeking office, in which donors bought access with the secretary of state.

"And it's not illegal, but it's corrupt."