GOP have a plan to take out Trump, but no plan to take out Hillary..... Hmmmmmm.....
Is Iowa House Democrat Mark Smith a liar?

Tax Agreement Awaits Governor’s Signature

As expected, legislation passed the Iowa House and Senate last Tuesday, March 15, 2016 that will retroactively couple Iowa tax code (with the exception of bonus depreciation) to federal tax code for the tax year 2015, providing an estimated $95 million in tax savings to thousands of Iowa taxpayers as they file their 2015 tax returns.  This legislation will also provide ongoing sales tax relief to Iowa manufacturers by exempting certain consumable items used in the manufacturing process from sales tax, delivering approximately $25 million in annual savings to Iowa businesses.   The bill now awaits Governor Branstad’s signature before becoming law.
State Budget Target Agreed To
Iowa lawmakers appear to be nearing the home stretch of this legislative session as they announced last week that they had agreed to a $7.35 billion budget for fiscal year 2017 which will begin July 1, 2016.  If legislators stick to that target, next year’s budget would be increased over $170 million, or 2.4%, from the current year’s budget.  As in prior years, the 2017 budget includes built-in spending increases related to Medicaid and property tax relief.
Though lawmakers seem to have reached consensus on the overall budget, there are still ongoing negotiations on key spending issues including education, which is often difficult to resolve.  While the Republican-controlled House previously passed legislation this session that would provide K-12 education a 2% increase in supplemental state aid, the Democrat-led Senate approved a 4% increase.  However, a Cedar Rapids Gazette article written by Rod Boshart and published on March 18 gives hope that even that sticking point may be settled soon.  Representative Ron Jorgensen, chairman of the House Education Committee is quoted, “I think we’ll come together fairly quickly.  My anticipation is we’ll have something next week.”
Each agreement that is reached in the budgeting process brings legislators one step closer to finishing their work for the 2016 session.  Yet Iowans need to be alert to avoid any last minute deal making that would increase taxes or expenses for hard-working Iowans.  Iowans for Tax Relief is hopeful that the general assembly will continue their diligent work on the budget and conclude this session with legislation that helps Iowa and Iowans prosper.


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