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Is Iowa House Democrat Mark Smith a liar?

Mike Thayerby Mike Thayer

Iowa House Democrats - steered by Leader Mark Smith - are trying to manipulate voters into giving them money.  Their disingenuous message is one of fear mongering and blatant misinformation.  This guy Smith, needs to get busted for mail fraud......

FALSE CLAIM:  House Republicans continue to estrange themselves from Iowa voters by refusing to act on the school funding crisis.  Source - Fundraising email sent out 03/21/2016 (copy below).

The truth?  From Iowans for Tax Relief, to include a reference from The Gazette: Though lawmakers seem to have reached consensus on the overall budget, there are still ongoing negotiations on key spending issues including education, which is often difficult to resolve.  While the Republican-controlled House previously passed legislation this session that would provide K-12 education a 2% increase in supplemental state aid, the Democrat-led Senate approved a 4% increase.  However, a Cedar Rapids Gazette article written by Rod Boshart and published on March 18 gives hope that even that sticking point may be settled soon.  Representative Ron Jorgensen, chairman of the House Education Committee is quoted, “I think we’ll come together fairly quickly.  My anticipation is we’ll have something next week.”

House Republicans proposing and APPROVING a funding INCREASE is refusing to act ?  And how is a negotiation on the differences between the House bill and the Senate version a refusal to act on the school funding crisis (there really isn't a crisis, that's another manipulation)?  How is NEGOTIATING an act of estrangement?  And it's public knowledge that the result from the nearly wrapped up negotiations over the two versions of the school funding bill WILL BE A LIKELY 2.5-3% INCREASE IN FUNDING FOR SCHOOLS.  That vital piece of information is missing from Mark Smith's fundraising letter.  But gosh, if they mention that FACT, they won't raise near as much money......  How does it feel to be manipulated Democrats?   Are your so-called leaders flat out LYING to you, and doing so shamelessly, to take your money from you?

The propaganda email from Mark Smith and his House Democrats below:

From: Mark Smith <>
To: Mike Thayer <>
Sent: Monday, March 21, 2016 1:04 PM
Subject: The House is on fire
Iowa House Democrats
Iowa House Democrats are on fire.
  • We've announced 79 top rate candidates to run in every corner of the state.
  • House Republicans continue to estrange themselves from Iowa voters by refusing to act on the school funding crisis. 
  • And Donald Trump will probably be the Republican nominee for president. 

This year is shaping up to be a defining election for Democrats. Help House Democrats go on offense this election year -- Chip in $16 or more right now to help elect progressives to the Iowa House

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Republicans are going to continue to raise enormous sums of money to attack our candidates and spin their record of inaction. But we know that when we put resources behind these great candidates, we'll win. 
Thanks for standing with us, 
​Mark Smith
Democratic Leader
​Iowa House of Representatives 

UPDATE, 03/22/2016: Related Story --



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