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A Shameful Double Standard by Trump Supporters

Dear Reader,
Are you worried about low information voters? How about the voters that embrace Donald Trump's manipulations of the issues and even repeat/perpetuate those falsehoods as if they were fact?   For people who not-so-long ago claimed to be so frustrated with the many games establishment politicians play,  they sure are looking the other way when The Donald plays them. 
There's an extreme level of voter ignorance out there, much of it willful.  Many of these supporters of Trump have claimed to be conservative, yet they promote Trump in a very liberal, progressive manner, to include aggressive/personal attack style attempts to censor or squash anything negative about their candidate.  Reality be damned.
If you see a double standard, you are correct.   For example when Donald Trump abused eminent domain in the mid-1990's, seizing the property of homeowners to build parking garages and casinos, these so-called conservatives said, "That's not right, he shouldn't be able to do that."  And now?  They say Trump is a "successful businessman."   When The Donald publicly supported universal health care in 2000, these so-called conservatives rejected Trump's stance with vigor.   These same people now say Trump's plan for health care is a good one.  Never mind he hasn't really stated one.   When Trump said he would order members of our military to kill the family members of terrorists, his supporters pretended not to hear it. If any other candidate would have said such a thing, they would have cried foul!  Trump was for the H1-B immigration visa program before he was against it, John Kerry style.  Kerry was chastised by these Trump supporters for flip-flopping, but when it comes to Trump?...  Flip-flop?  What flip-flop?   In September of 2015, Trump said the United States should accept refugees from Syria.   But when his stance started to catch flak with real conservatives and his polling numbers started to drop, Trump changed his tune.  Suddenly, he was against accepting Syrian refugees.......   Ah, the stuff of establishment politicians!   But do Trump supporters care?   Apparently not!
Exercising a double standard, this is what liberals do, what the left does, how progressives operate - they ignore reality.    What was once something objected to, is now - by Trump supporters - embraced.  To these people, it doesn't matter what Donald Trump says or does, they defend him no matter what.  Ladies and gentlemen, that's what liberals do, what the left does, how progressives operate.
You have to wonder what these people are drinking.  Conservative principles were tossed aside as they jumped on the Trump bandwagon.   On nearly every issue, Trump supporters exercise a liberal double standard.  It's intellectual dishonesty, it's an abandonment of conservative values, it's shameful.


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